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  • Comes in packs of two
  • Simple and easy to construct without the need of tools
  • Build your own queue guidance system
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Our Post & Bases are the perfect choice for businesses needing to build their own queuing areas. These can be used both indoors and outdoors to better organise a business's customer experience. They are designed to create orderly queue areas for customers which gives the impression of being professional & organised. They create a controlled flow of traffic and are a great way to save on time. They can also be used to cordon off areas, such as outdoor seating areas of cafes, or, for enabling queuing at a shop that needs to regulate customer flow. These posts and bases are easy to use and are available for purchase in sets of two. 


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Where would you use this product for? 

This product has endless applications as a queue guidance system. In busy business locations, this is essential as a form of crowd control. These systems are used everywhere; at airports, exhibition events, retailers etc. as ways to manage large crowds. Users can control their space and ensure there is a consistent flow of customers, without spaces becoming congested. Our Post & Base system allows users to create stylish queuing areas. It can all be used cordon off areas, such as an outdoor seating area for a restaurant or cafe.  Utilising the crossrails, businesses can use printed graphics to advertise and promote their brand, services, products etc. for greater exposure. So, not only is this a way to cordon off an area, it can also be used to promote a business, as an advertising tool.   

How do you build a queuing area?

These posts and bases come in packs of two and require no tools to assemble. Simply attach the pole to the base and screw the bolt at the bottom of the base into the pole. It's that simple. Once these have been set up, they are easy to move and rearrange as needed. These Posts and Base are coloured a stylish black. This allows it to effortlessly fit into any environment it may be used in. We also offer a chrome version as an alternative solution. Our bases are sturdy and weighted, making them perfect for use outdoors. 

We offer two types of additional accessories that enable the user to build elaborate queue guidance areas. We have crossrails that can be used to display banner material for impactful branding. These are great ways to section off areas such as outdoor spaces for places like bars, cafes or restaurants. We also offer rope sets, a traditional way to organise a queue of customers. These ropes have a luxurious finish and will be an asset to your business. These are quick and easy to rearrange as needed, with the crossbars being at fixed lengths of 2000mm. The rope offers more freedom and flexibility.  

Is this the only queue guidance system available? 

No, we have a wide selection of different options that are suited to various needs. For example, we offer 1000mm crossbars as an alternative to our red rope. This allows for the implementation of graphics as a part of your queuing area. This is a brilliant way to brand directly to consumers. We also offer our post and base with belt, which is great for use in indoor areas. These have a retractable belt that is simple to use. They can be moved around and adjusted as needed, making them an incredibly versatile queue guidance system. The post and base with belt allows users to reshape their queuing area at a moments notice, making it suitable to rapidly changing situations, such as queuing for the security check at an airport. 


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