Arktisquelle® Water Filter

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  • pesticides and industrial substances are absorbed by up to 99.99
  • heats water steplessly up to 100 °C in seconds
  • optimises the pH value of your water
  • taste and base filters make the water taste natural
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The Arktisquelle water filter completely purifies the water in a multi-stage filtration process. In addition to numerous pollutants and toxins, minerals are also filtered. The primary task of water in the body is, among other things, the transport of nutrients, the supply of cells and tissue and various detoxification and excretion processes. To be able to perform these tasks optimally, water should be as pure as possible. Water does not have the task of supplying the body with nutrients; this is done by a complete diet.

Example: The daily requirement of potassium is about 4000 mg per day, whereas a bottle of mineral water contains about 0.5 - 18 mg per litre. So you would have to drink about 220 litres of water a day to cover your potassium requirement. A cooked potato, on the other hand, already contains 443 mg/100g of potassium.

What distinguishes Arktisquelle from other products?

Arktisquelle combines price performance with ease of use; the most effective filtration and refinement processes meet a modern look. The taste of Arktis water is often described as unique and smooth. We achieve this through our taste and base filter, which rounds off the drinking experience of the water and optimises the pH value. In addition, with the Arktisquelle you always have an overview of your current water quality and can heat your water continuously up to 100°C in seconds.

How can the water be heated with Arktisquelle?

With Arktisquelle, you can heat your pure water continuously up to 100°C. The whole thing is controlled by an integrated flow-through valve. It is made possible by an integrated flow heater, faster than any kettle. Individual temperature setting possible in three storable modes, whether for tea, baby food or coffee.

First, the water is pre-filtered with a fibre filter and an absorption filter. The fibre filter cleans the water of coarse impurities such as lime.
Then, in the absorption filter, up to 99.99% of all organic impurities, such as pesticides and industrial substances, are removed by an activated carbon block.

Afterwards the heart of the filtration, the molecular membrane, comes into play. The water is pressed under pressure through an extremely fine membrane (pore fineness: 0.0001 µm), which removes all harmful substances and flavours from the water, e.g.
Bacteria, viruses, germs, hormones, antibiotics, drug residues, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals (such as lead, copper, mercury, arsenic), sulphur, lime, radioactive substances, nitrates, etc.
In the last filtration step, the water is passed through a special base and taste filter, which optimises the taste and pH value of the water, among other things, by pouring activated carbon from coconut shells.



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