Camera-based Access Control System

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The camera-based access control system enables the most accurate possible recording of customer flows by means of a stereoscopic sensor, which is mounted on the ceiling. The sensor is connected to the Internet via a LAN connection. Connected to the Cloud Service (liable to pay the costs, from 150,- EUR annually), over which the evaluation of the data takes place, some useful information for the operator can be represented apart from the announcement of an access control over a Browser. For example, a gender recognition (optional plugin), a distinction between children and adults or a defined dashboard can be realized, which can be integrated into the own homepage to display the current utilization. The EU-DSGVO is complied with, as no video data is collected, only anonymous motion profiles. The indicated price refers exemplarily to the basic sensor, which is sufficient in many cases. For an exact statement on the respective sensor required, however, a view and dimensioning of the area to be monitored is needed in advance.


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