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How To Make The Most Of Business Exhibition Opportunities

Exhibitions and trade shows can be incredibly beneficial for businesses, allowing them to showcase their products and services directly with potential customers and generating further leads. If they are carried out in the right way, these events can be incredibly rewarding forms of marketing, as they are open to a large and sometimes diverse range of audiences.

 However, they are a major investment in terms of money and time so you need to ensure you get the greatest value out of the opportunity. To help you, the VKF Renzel team have put together this guide to help you make the most of business exhibition opportunities.

Choose the right show
As we have already mentioned, exhibitions and trade shows are open to very large audiences, so it is important to do as much research as you can on the best shows in your specific industry.

 You need to clearly identify your objectives and strategy and carry out thorough trade show research, understanding the different demographics, previous participants, attendee numbers and show statistics. Take your time to research each possible trade show to determine how it will benefit your business.

Establish your budget
Exhibitions and trade shows have the potential, and often are, very costly to businesses - so it is essential to carefully plan your exhibiting budget before you book your trade show space. It is important to take into consideration all the different costs, as these can add up quickly. This can include costs such as in-show services, travel and expenses, promotional material and more.

Look the part
No matter what industry you may be in, consumers will be more attracted to the better-looking booths - so it is important you have put the effort in to ensure your marketing materials and booth are the very best. Once you have established your budget, it is important to ensure your business comes across as eye-catching and exciting, not corporate and dull. Your stand needs to offer visitors an experience that they will remember even after visiting hundreds of other exhibitors that day.

Here at VKF Renzel, we have a wide range of acrylic display leaflet holders and brochure racks available for you to purchase. These are ideal for displaying and distributing your leaflets and brochures (in standard DIN sizes) to potential customers during your event. Across our website, we also have a wide range of product display stands which will optimise the display of your products at an exhibition.

How can VKF Renzel help you?
As a business, we are incredibly dedicated to all the work we do and believe that it's very important to have an attractive and eye-catching display and exhibition stand to showcase your products. Even if you would like a bespoke design, by having a conversation with a member of our sales team will help bring your design to reality. We have a diverse range of products on offer and are continuously innovating with the environment in mind; we will always discuss with you the different options of material available.

To find out some more information about the exceptional leaflet display holders, wall mounted leaflet holders, brochure stands and other products we have available, please feel free to take a look around the VKF Renzel website today

The Benefits Of Point Of Sale Displays In Food Retailing

In the critical moments where a consumer is finalising a purchase in a store, point of sale displays can be a huge influence. They give retailers the opportunity to push for the impulse purchase by showcasing spotlight items, especially when used consistently and effectively. So, what are the benefits of point of sale displays?

They draw attention to the products

Point of sale stands come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. They are the perfect way for shops to highlight their special offers and products, or can simply be used to generate awareness and interest in a new brand or merchandise item. Food retailers often use bigger mediums such as plastic modular displays or suspension shelf signs to market their stock - therefore increasing the chances that buyers are going to make a sale.

They are affordable
As with any business, keeping costs down is one of the most important factors and constantly needs to be taken into consideration. POS retail displays are known to be highly affordable, but still high quality. With increased durability, your display will have a longer lifespan and you’ll be able to use it for multiple occasions.

For example, here at VKF Renzel, we have a wide variety of point of sale display stands and other products available for you to purchase which are of the highest quality. All the basic equipment you'll need for your retail display can be found across our website.

Improve branding
With the point of purchase displays, you can make your brand easier to spot and stand out in the store - as there is more opportunity to ensure consumers remember your unique style. Investing time in the design of your visual merchandising can make the difference between your product getting lost in the mix or making customers stop in their tracks.

Increase revenue
POS stands and display units have been proven to help increase the sales of the brand by encouraging consumers to make impulsive purchasing decisions. Effective visual merchandising can have a clear and positive effect on retail sales, with the simple displays helping to drive profits while improving the shopping experience for your customers.

Get the most value out of your products
By having a creative approach to selling your products with POP displays, this could help retailers to market them without having to reduce their price. By having a custom display stand you are giving your ideal target market exactly the factor they're looking for, which makes the entire experience very convenient for your customers.

About VKF Renzel
Here at VKF Renzel, we are a very devoted business who have produced some of the highest quality products in the industry. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of acrylic and PVC products in the POS industry, especially because we have now enhanced our processes by investing in state-of-the-art machinery in the UK.

If you are looking to understand - in more detail - the different products we offer, you are more than welcome to explore the VKF Renzel website today. Even if you would like a bespoke design, by having a conversation with a member of our sales team will help bring your design to reality.


The Different Types Of Point Of Sale Displays

Point of sale display stands are a crucial visual merchandising technique which is great for drawing attention to products and brands in retail stores. They are known to be a very impactful way of upselling to customers and increasing their spend-per-visit. These solutions are prominently seen in retail and highlight to customers the types of messages you would like to convey to them. There are many different types of point of sale displays, so to help you understand the different types, we have put together this guide for you.

Dump bins
From magazines to sweets, dump bins can be used for a variety of purposes and can help to maximise the impact of your visual merchandising. They are a very cost-friendly option which can perfectly display discount products and are also a good option for exhibitions stands, trade shows and events. They are perfect for boosting the chances of impulse purchases and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Display cubes
Display cubes are perfect when used within a fashion retail environment and will ensure you catch the attention of your consumers - especially when highlighting seasonal goods and special offers. If not utilised within your store, these easy to use display cubes are also incredibly decorative and eye catching so would be a wonderful addition to your storefront as retail displays.

Counter top displays
These displays are designed for till point sales and promotional counters. They are perfect for smaller, fast-moving consumables such as toiletry items, beauty items or food. These displays will make it easy for the customer to reach out for an item within arm’s length and increase the possibility of an impulse purchase. Counter top displays offer a smart and practical way to display products on till points, counters, desks and tables.

By designing some high-quality posters, these will help make an impact at the point of sale, reiterating your brand values and keeping your customers occupied as they queue at the point of sale.

Across the VKF Renzel website, we have a wide range of different poster and sign holders which can help to enhance your point of purchase display. They are the perfect way to maximise the impact of your visual merchandising. From helping customers navigate the store by hanging them above product locations to highlighting key offers.

How can VKF Renzel assist you?
As we have already mentioned, we are a dedicated company who can help enhance your point of sale stands which showcase your products or service. We completely understand how POS stands are a great way to further advertise your product and sell it at the same time, which is why we have some of the highest quality solutions available for you to buy - such as display units, leaflet holders and other POS retail display items.

Here at VKF Renzel, we have a very knowledgeable team who will guide you through every step of the way of your purchasing journey, helping you to design the best retail POS displays. For any further questions about packaging or retail displays, please do not hesitate to contact our exceptional customer service team - who would be more than happy to help you.

4 Point Of Sale Display Design Tips

4 Point Of Sale Display Design Tips

The retail industry is incredibly competitive, so it is very important to establish methods to help your business stand out from the vast competition. Point of sale displays would be an excellent addition to your visual merchandising and can be used to maximise the visibility of promotions and products and, ultimately, boost sales. To ensure your promotions stand out and make an immediate impact, we have put together some point of sale design tips.

1. Follow your branding
Many businesses do not understand the importance of branding, as it helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services. It not only makes a memorable impression on consumers, but also allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company.

By following your classic branding strategy with your point of sale stands, this will leave a positive impression of the company amongst your customers. If your branding is consistent and easy to recognise, it can help people feel more at ease when purchasing your products or services.

2. Choose the right POS display for your needs
Choosing what retail POS items to purchase is completely dependent on what products you are looking to showcase and the visibility they require. For example, retail display stands offer greater visibility in-store and can be placed in the customers’ path. If your product is small and could potentially be buried on a shelf, this would display them much more easily.

On the other hand, dump bins are often used when the product is seen as more of an impulse purchase bought at or near the checkout, which often feature sale and bargain items. Choosing what type of POS displays you want in your store can be the hardest part, so if you are unsure of what point of sale display stands to purchase, please feel free to contact a member of our team who would be more than happy to help you.

3.Understand your audience
Knowing who you are trying to entice will make your design and message easier to create for your POS displays. It is important to understand your audience as much as possible, because it allows you to create the graphics and message to match their specific needs. From establishing your audience, you can decipher your USPs which should talk to the consumers’ needs and desired result.

4. Make your promotional counters easy to purchase from
You need to make sure that your products are easily accessible for your customers. Don’t cover your products behind shelves or other parts of the display, as picking the product up and out of the display should be easy.

Try to show almost all of your product while on the display as this is going to entice your customers the most. Start thinking like a consumer and ensure that the experience is as easy as possible for them. There is no use in placing products out of the customer’s reach as this are unlikely to result in a sale.

POS stands are very popular marketing devices for a variety of products and industries, being used to create a visual impact for consumers, display a new product and ultimately drive further sales. Across the VKF Renzel website, we have a number of different point of purchase displays which can be used to make your customer’s shopping experience as fresh and exciting as possible.

Are you looking for some more information on our products? Please do not hesitate to contact our exceptional customer service team - who would be more than happy to help you.

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