Corner Punch "Professional"

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  • sturdy metal construction with multifunctional accessories
  • for 6 different maintenance-free steel blade inserts
  • adjustable stop jaws for precise rounding off
  • punches various radii in a wide range of materials
  • with chip collector and plastic clip-protected punching area
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One handled manual punch for rounding off fixing holes, robust metal structure with steel blade inserts. Variable blade insert system for 6 different blades. Adjustable plates allow exact rounding off even on panels without corners. Multi-functional accessories increase efficiency of the device and the handle allows easy punching of different radii foam panels and aluminium composite boards, PVC, laminates, paper, etc. The steel blades are low maintenance. There are also 2 plastic drawers in the device to hold tools. The punching area is protected by a plastic clip and increases the lifespan of the blade.
Incl. stamping blade for rounding the corners with radius 10 mm


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