Door Sign "Madrid" vacant/engaged

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  • matching the sign series "Madrid"
  • various pre-printed inserts possible
  • flexible insert change
  • for adhesive mounting
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Classic occupied / free display to match our "Madrid" sign series. Add this practical display under the door sign of your meeting room. Use it either blank or with the pre-printed language inserts. Choose Set 1 or Set 2 depending on the nationality of your visitors.

Scope of delivery Set 1:
German (Belegt | Frei) - already inserted
English (Occupied | Free)
French (Occupé | Libre)
Spanish (Occupado | Libre)
Italian (Occupato | Libero)

Scope of delivery Set 2:
German (Belegt | Frei) - already inserted
Norwegian (Opptatt | Ledig)
Danish (Optaget | Fri)
Swedish (Upptaget | Ledigt)
Dutch (Bezet | Vrij)


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Variants Type Item number Item No. Price
standard standard 12.0440.15 £ 18.13 view Article »
set 1 set 1 12.0440.17 £ 21.82 view Article »
set 2 set 2 12.0440.18 £ 21.82 view Article »
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