Microfibre Cloth "Micro Easy"

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  • Microfibre cloth "Micro Easy" with unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Good cleaning effect on all surfaces
  • High absorption capacity for dust, dirt, grease and liquids
  • No chemical additives necessary
  • Robust, durable and easy to use, can be individually personalised
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The "Micro Easy" microfibre cloth offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio and is available in several attractive colours. It is characterised by its effective cleaning function and versatility, as it can be used on all surfaces. The cloth's exceptional absorption capacity ensures that it reliably removes dust, dirt, grease and liquids. The biggest advantage is that no chemical additives are required for cleaning, as the cloth itself already enables thorough cleaning.

The microfibre cloth "Micro Easy" is characterised by its high durability and robustness. It follows the established 4-colour system for commercial cleaning, which makes it easy and effective to use.

There is also the option to personalise the cloth according to your own wishes, be it with a logo print, logo embossing or an individual label. Experience the quality and versatility of our "Micro Easy" microfibre cloth for yourself.


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