Product Dispenser "Zello"

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  • Product Dipsenser Box "Zello" for stylish and appealing goods presentation
  • Innovative product, delivered disassembled, easy to assemble
  • Simple, exquisite design for natural display
  • Made of environmentally friendly material, stable and easy to dispose of
  • Can be customised by laminating, printing or labelling, can be combined with other "Zello" products
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The "Zello" Product Dispenser allows you to present your goods in a stylish and appealing way. The innovative product is delivered disassembled, which allows for flat shipping and makes it easy for you to put it together. With its simple design, the box puts the focus on your goods and adds a natural touch to your display.

The "Zello" is made of environmentally conscious material and is characterised by its good printability. This allows you to achieve an optimal presentation of your products. The box is also ideal for short-term promotions and can be conveniently disposed of in the waste paper after use.


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