Professional Air Purifier "PLR Silent" with HEPA Filter H14 and UV-C Light

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Product highlights

  • suitable for rooms up to 150 m² (with 2.5 m ceiling height)
  • filters 99,995 % of viruses
  • long-life HEPA H14 filter
  • power infinitely adjustable to room size and volume
  • switchable, shielded UV-C lamp
  • mobile and light (only 22 kg)
  • adjustable day and night switching
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Product Description

Quiet whilst in Use

Noise Level in dB (A)*
  25% - 44 dB
  50% - 59 dB
  75% - 65 dB
100% - 69 dB


For easy adjustment of the power level

Fabric Filters

For a high degree of separation >99,995 %

UV-C Light

Optionally switchable for inactivation of viruses

Reducing the risk of infection

Exposure to viruses, especially indoors, can be significantly reduced

High Air Exchange Rate

cleans up to 1,062 m3 of air per hour

Year-round air purification

best air quality at any time of the year

Plug & Play

Easy commissioning without specialist personnel

Highlights of the Air Purifier

  • Operation via touch display
  • Adjustable day and night switching
  • UV-Lamp with adjustable switch-on and switch-off delay
  • Energy saving, quiet and performance-optimized fan with high capacity
  • Stable, light and powder-coated housing
  • Particle filter according to EN 1822 class H14
  • Simple, very low-emission filter change, filter change is indicated visually **
  • Stepless power control 0 - 100%
  • Automatic soft start of the motor
  • Suitable for rooms up to 150 m²


✓ Aerosols
✓ Viruses and Bacteria
✓ Allergens (Mould Spores, pet hair, house dust mites, pollen, dust, etc.)

When using the optional activated carbon

✓ Odour (Body Odours, kitchen odours, colour odours, smoke odours.)
✓ Chemical Substances (Volatile organic compounds)

High-performance air purifier for professional use

The professional room air purifier with 3 filter levels  removes aerosols, bacteria, pollen and viruses from the air. The air filter, trimmed for high performance, cleans up to 1062 m³ of air per hour and is therefore particularly suitable for large rooms with high footfall. The device consists of a powerful blower with a 3-stage filter unit. The air is sucked in and passed through a pre-filter to UV-C lamps in order to then pass through the built-in particulate filter (HEPA - High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Class H14). This achieves a degree of separation of 99.995%.

Switchable UV-C lamp to inactivate viruses

The device has a switchable UV-C lamp. The UV-C radiation (100–280 nm) is used in physical disinfection technology. Continuous irradiation with so-called far-off UV light can safely inactivate flu viruses and corona viruses in the air. Corresponding UV lamps in hospitals, medical practices and public spaces can be a way of minimizing the spread of pathogens. As an option, the device can be equipped with an activated carbon mat or a larger activated carbon cassette filter with a downstream HEPA filter to remove odors from the room air.


Areas of application

✓ Retirement / nursing homes
✓ Pharmacies
✓ Doctors' offices
✓ Bars
✓ Authorities
✓ Offices
✓ Reception areas
✓ Hairdressing salons
✓ Fitness studios
✓ Hotels, hotel rooms
✓ Canteens
✓ Pre Schools/ Nurseries
✓ Hospitals
✓ Laboratories
✓ Museums
✓ Nail salons
✓ Public spaces
✓ Private areas
✓ Restaurants
✓ Schools
✓ Therapy rooms
✓ Universities
✓ Waiting areas
✓ Living spaces

* The values were determined at a distance of 1 meter from the device, the basic volume was 33 dB (A).
** Filter change after 8,800 hours of operation - for 24 hours / day operation change after 1 year, for 8 hours / day operation approx. Every 3 years

Attention: Only use our original filters to guarantee safe use!

Calculate the recommended number of air purifiers for your room

Enter the floor space, room height and required air circulation per hour.

Number of recommended air purifiers: *: 1*

*The recommended number may vary according to individual requirement

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