Metal and Aluminium Processing

Metal and Aluminium Processing

In our metal and wire processing facility we work in the area of product and information presentation. Materials such as wire, metal sheets, tubing, stainless steel and aluminium are lasered, punched, welded, nibbled, bent, pressed and sawn. The results are then refined by powder coating, galvanising, chrome plating and anodising. Aside from our standard products we also offer the possibility to design and develop customised items by taking into account technically superior and qualitative product requirements.

High quality aluminium products can be made in a short timescale in our own workshop. Standard products can be customised so that they meet your specific requirements. As a manufacturer we use processes such as extrusion, sawing, milling, lasering and embossing as well as bending, powder coating and anodising to manipulate both profiles and metal sheets to order. Specialised machinery with digital measuring devices is used to handle profile.

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