Adhesive Hook 0.3 mm

Item number: 24.0109.2
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  • Self-adhesive for easy attachment
  • Opening enables lateral removal of the goods from the hook
  • Suitable for pegboard and slatwall hooks
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Our transparent retrofit adhesive hooks are ideal for hanging small and light items. They allow product packaging to be attached to the sales display retrospectively. The self-adhesive backing facilitates attachment by simply sticking it to the top of the product. Due to their transparency, information remains legible.

This type of retrofit adhesive hook is especially suitable for pegboard and slatwall single hooks and enables targeted hanging or removal of the product through a side opening. This makes the desired product particularly easy to access and ensures a tidy and clear presentation of goods.

Thanks to their wide range of uses, these hooks are an indispensable aid for every retailer. Create attractive product presentations and offer your customers a pleasant shopping experience.


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