Adhesive Hook with Eurohole 0.25 mm

Item number: 24.0109.11
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  • Self-adhesive for easy application
  • Reinforces Euro-perforations
  • Enables restoration of Euro perforations
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Our version of an retrofit adhesive hook is the ideal solution to reinforce or restore Euro perforations. They can be used to retrofit damaged packages so that further presentation remains possible and there is less downtime. The hooks are self-adhesive for easy application.

Thanks to the reinforcement function for Euro perforations, you can fit out your products in advance and avoid unwanted damage. The retrofit adhesive hooks also allow for quick restoration of damaged fixtures.

Benefit from the advantages of our retrofit adhesive hooks: they ensure a smooth and professional presentation of your products, minimise downtime and reduce the loss of goods. The self-adhesive feature also ensures easy and quick attachment without additional tools.


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