Quick to place Barrier Stands

Some conditions or days require that areas are quickly cordoned off. With mobile and quickly placeable barrier stands, waiting customers can be tracked or certain areas can be closed for the public. They enable a quick reaction to customer behaviour, visitor volumes and special circumstances.
The various barrier posts are used in different areas. Among other things, they can be used to establish a minimum distance in shops and to support customer management. Equipped with a coloured belt, the barrier is highly visible. Discover the easy handling and high efficiency of barrier posts for your business.
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High stability guaranteed

Barrier stands are not only practical in use. The various posts can be stowed away easily and in a space-saving manner. As soon as a barrier is needed, the barrier can be quickly placed. This is ensured by the low weight of the respective articles. Despite their high stability, the barriers can be lifted easily.

The basis for the stability of the barrier is its base. In addition to classic bases for indoor use, there are also fillable bases. This has the advantage that the posts are easy to transport and can be easily filled with sand or water at the point of use. The additional weight allows the barrier to withstand even strong winds.

Removable barrier stands provide further ease of handling. The individual stands can be partially disassembled into their individual parts. In this way, a base can also be stored separately from the post. This saves extra space when stowing away.

During non-use, the belt remains completely stowed in the post. The belts of the barrier posts are available in different colours. You can choose between various striking belt colours. Depending on the post, the belt can be extended to a length of up to 7 m.

The belts can be attached to another post or to a wall clip. The fact that the barrier posts have several belt extensions opens up many possibilities in the barrier. These options can be extended with a wall bracket, i.e. a wall clip or other accessories.

Different products for your application

For the different places of application, different types of products can be found in our range. They differ in their characteristics. These range from the area of application, to the length of the belt, to the storage of the article when it is not in use.

Are you looking for an article for outdoor use or should the barrier only be placed indoors? Besides many solutions for indoor use, there are also weatherproof ones. In addition to a barrier grid, some posts are also suitable for use in wind and weather.

How long should the belt be extended? Should the belt have a certain width or colour? Each article has a different colour selection in relation to the belt. For larger areas that have to be cordoned off, a longer belt extension is also practical. This means that fewer barrier stands have to be used and may have to be replaced later. In addition, a greater effect can be achieved with just one movement, as a wider area can be delimited.

Does the space-saving stowage of the product play a role in the selection of the right product? Removable posts can be disassembled with little effort and stored separately from the other components. The individual parts can be reassembled just as quickly the next time they are used.

Do you want to mount the barrier directly on the wall? Or do you even need a belt pull-out for the wall? Especially at passages, entrances or in corridors, barrier tapes for wall mounting are highly practical. By attaching the belt to a suitable wall clip or barrier stand, access can be blocked in seconds.

For the above mentioned questions and many more, we are at your side as your partner for sales promotion. We would be pleased to advise you on the advantages of the individual barrier stands. Contact us by e-mail or telephone.
Application of use for barrier stands
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