Concrete Base for Banner System "Techno"

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  • Modular component of the "Techno" Banner Frame plug-in System
  • Assemble a large-scale banner or sign system outdoors
  • 900 mm can be recessed into the ground
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The Concrete Base is a modular component of the "Techno" advertising system. In combination with the other individual parts, you can put together a large, free-standing banner or sign system for outdoor use. All components are made of hot-dip galvanised steel and are therefore weatherproof.

The Concrete Base is an indispensable and effective component of the "Techno" Modular System. It forms a solid foundation that ensures a stable stand for your advertising message - whatever the weather. The Concrete Base can be embedded up to 900 mm into the ground, making it frost-resistant.

It is equipped with four threaded rods to which the flange plate of the side profile of the stand can be easily and securely attached.


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