Exhibition Set Pop-Up "Stretch", 5220 x 3000 mm Inline Booth

Item number: 80.1202.8
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  • Inline booth: 5220 x 3000 mm (W x D)
  • Complete set consists of 4 basic pop-up modules and 2 promotion counters
  • incl. 42.5" digital signage screen with Ultra-HD resolution
  • brilliant textile prints included in the price
  • carrying bags included in the scope of delivery
  • compact car transport possible
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With this exhibition set you combine the possibility to communicate your message through different elements. The pop-up system Stretch is ideal for trade fairs, events or even one-off events. Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble and everything handy stowed. Matching combined with the pop-up counter Stretch. The trade show walls consist of a pop-up frame and a surrounding keder frame. These two components are stowed in rollable bags for easy transport. The textile prints are equipped with silicone piping all around. This makes it easy to attach the prints. Since the textiles are attached to the piping frame with high tension, you get a smooth and clean image without wrinkles. The set includes 4 systems Pop-Up Stretch, each 3x3 fields. Also included is an integrated monitor mount.


Pop-Up-System „Stretch“ - optional LED lighting available


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