Our exhibition sets are fully equipped mobile solutions, which as a result means that they're incredibly easy to transport to and from your exhibitions. Most include a promotor stand and advertising panels. If you have any questions, then please contact our experienced sales team and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Exhibitions & Events

Exhibitions, trade fairs and various other events are places where many sensory impressions collide. In a crowd of exhibitors and exhibition stands, it is important to stand out and stay in the minds of those passing by, who may be potential customers for your business. It may sound difficult, but this is where we step in; with the right equipment, it can suddenly seem likes child's play.

As a larger stand, it can be easier to draw the attention of visitors to your section, because the stand may be located in multiple aisles at once and evidently has a large area of space covered. As a smaller stand, things can get a little trickier. On average, you'll tend to get fewer visitors because you only typically border one aisle. It's crucial that you're able to draw the attention of these visitors to your stand, irrespective of size. Particularly as a smaller exhibitor, it is important to choose your trade fair stand with care.

How Do You Find the Right Exhibition Set?

The exhibition set typically consists of several components and forms the core of the exhibition. Of course, these sets can also be expanded with additional Exhibition Furniture or Product Displays

First, you should be aware of the size of the booth. How wide and deep is the space? Does it have electricity? What do I want to present at the exhibition? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself in preparation.

You should also clearly define how you want to present yourself at the trade fair. Then this is where VKF Renzel comes into play. Our online shop offers the opportunity to find out more avout the various exhibition stands on offer. This will give you an overview of the options you have for your exhibition stand.

Our complete sets offer a wide variety of presentation options. You must decide what is important to you. Are you aiming for a trade show stand with roll up banners? Or would you prefer a stretch frame background banner including printing?

Our Range at a Glance

The professional exhibition stands on offer can certainly be used flexibly. Our exhibition sets all have a background for your exhibition stand, mostly in the form of an exhibition wall or a banner. Components, such as a trade fair counter, high table, bar stool etc. can complement the equipment in a sensible too.
The "Deluxe" Exhibition Set brings your company to the customer on several levels. The set consists of a roll up banner, a suitcase counter and a folding display. Thanks to the uniform printing of the elements, nothing stands in the way of a flawless trade fair appearance.

Great effect are of course always created with lighting. There are various lamps and lighting systems for exhibition sets on offer, however there are also illuminated clamping frames which should also be considered.

You will also find the PIXLIP GO systems within our range. Here you'll come across individual illuminated banners, as well as full illuminaed exhibition stands. The lighting puts you in the forefront again.

Advantages of an Exhibition Set

The exhibition sets described above all include printing. So the question arises, why not invest in an exhibition set?

Complementing an exhibition set can be a lot of work. The diffrent elements of an exhibition stand must work well with one another and create a unified image. With different articles, it can sometimes be difficult to coordinate them. On the one hand, any printing must also be arranged and shapes and sets used must complement each other.

With a trade fair set, the set can of course be consistent in design throughout. There can be a close interplay between the prints used and the remainder of the stand, or you could opt to contrast these as a way to draw further attention. No matter how you choose to display your set, the stand will always be of high quality and consistent throughout.

Another advantage of these sets is that they are often designed for multiple exhibition visits. The sets in our range show a high degree of mobility - these are mobile exhibition stands that can be used again and again without any problems and as a result, a complicated structure is also spared. Due to this, the items are also all incredibly easy to stow away. Many are foldable and either way, are very simple to set up, saving important working time for you.

Your Exhibition Consultant

Take advantage of the many benefits of a quality exhibition stand and explore the many options available in our shop today. We have many years of experience in the field of exhibitions and events. Simply contact us or submit your request online - we'd love to help you find the perfect solution for your upcoming trade fairs.
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