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PIXLIP systems, like the PIXLIP POP system, provide an innovative and high-quality solution for your upcoming exhibitions. With modern LED technology, the systems ensure that you'll garner maximum attention from customers, vistors or those simply passing by your stand or premises. These systems help to draw attention to themselves from afar and guarantee great quality reproduction of your advertising.

The highly efficient LED modules are what the PIXLIP GO system owe to for drawing people in from further afield. This effect and the comfort of use extends to all of the PIXLIP systems on offer. The light materials used and simple technology also ensure that the product is easy to transport and quick to assemble (and disassemble) when necessary. This is exactly what is needed from a modern lighting system.

A System For All Cases

Light walls and lighting systems from the PIXLIP system are characterised by their brightness, lightness and high quality; the powerful LEDs provide you with unique lighting solutions. The selected materials and sophisticated technology used also ensure that the PIXLIP systems are easy for you to use and transport.

Throughout the product you choose, you'll see that the item is uniformly lit throughout, reflecting the high quality of the system. Furthermore, the systems have a life expectancy of approximately 10 years. During this time, the illuminated frame can be equipped with new textile banners as often as you'd like. In this way, your displays can remain up-to-date and unique.

This basic system is simple, but effective. An aluminium base frame can be quickly fitted together. The base frame offers space for clamping a plastic strap. Here, the printed textile banner is introduced and optimally fit in the shortest possible time.

Your banner will be stretched perfectly and illuminated in an eye-catching and appealing manner. These LED modules are not bulkily screwed into place - with the PIXLIP POP system, these are attached to the background banner. The GO system also has an LED bar that is inserted into PIXLIP module.

The variety of systems on offer have some differences in a few properties, which is what makes the systems so popular in the various areas of application. As a result of this, it makes it possible for certain models to specialise in certain areas. Equipped with a high-quality textile print, you can really make your advertising message shine.


Due to the nature of the product, the mobile banner frame PIXLIP POP could alternatively be called the LED Roll Up. Quickly set up, two feet ensure a firm footing; it is used at the point of sale or at trade fairs and events as an immediate eye-catcher. It easily outshines the conventional roller banner with it backlighting by LED strips.

With a weight of no more than 5kg, you remain flexible and mobile with the LED roll up. The banner can be easily rolled up from top to bottom, and in the supplied bag, the lighting system can be easily transported from one use to the next. Of course, the system is also suitable for permanent use too.

If the the quick replacement of banners is a necessity for you, then the PIXLIP POP is certainly the ideal advertising medium. The focus is on the advertising banner thanks to the concentrated luminosity of the LED modules. A block out banner also prevents loss of light to the rear.

Other PIXLIP Systems

While the PIXLIP POP acts as a mobile advertising banner, the PIXLIP GO system is a modern modular system. By combining different PIXLIP modules and additional accessories, entire exhibition stands can be designed with this system.

Light walls of different sizes can be connected using simple system connectors. With the practical door set, you can even install doors or quickly turn the light wall into a folding wall. There are no limits to the design of the exhibition wall, partition wall or illuminated wall.

With this system too, LEDs provide the notorious illumination of the textile banners. The borderless presentation is perfectly staged by the LED modules. By expanding the system, huge motifs and graphics can be implemented.

Additional accessories such as flags, print clips or brochure holders can help to further enhance your PIXLIP systems appearance. The addition of an LED exhibition counter is also suitable for trade fairs.

Innovative Illuminated Frames & Lighting Systems for Your Company

The light frames set the scene for your advertising medium without borders. The attractive LED lighting draws the attention of those passing by to your advertising from afar. Flexibility, mobility and quality are certainly guaranteed with the use of the PIXLIP systems. 

Take a look at the items on offer to find the best PIXLIP system for your exact purpose. Should it be a mobile LED roll up, light wall modular system or something else, we'd be happy to help you with your decision.
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