Halogen Spotlight for OCTAwall mobile

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  • Halogen spotlight for OCTAwall mobile as accessory
  • Voltage of 230 volts for optimum illumination
  • 3 m long cable for flexible placement
  • Easy installation due to integrated transformer
  • Attachment to frame element for visibility in the dark
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The OCTAwall mobile halogen spotlight is an indispensable accessory for the OCTAwall. With a voltage of 230 volts, it ensures optimal illumination of your message. The 3 m long cable allows flexible placement.

The integrated transformer makes installation easy. The halogen spotlight can be conveniently attached to the frame element at the top. This makes your advertising visible even in the dark and attracts the attention of viewers. With this halogen spotlight, you expand your OCTAwall and make your advertising a real eye-catcher.

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