There are different requirements for the perfect exhibition wall. Some walls will need to be portable - quick and easy to assemble and transport. Flexibility in design could be a specific requirement. It ensures that there are always new, up-to-date presentations and promotions, always making exhibition stands attractive. With the perfect wall, your exhibition stand will be an eye-catcher for visitors passing by. Use the products in our online shop for attractive stand construction, effective advertising or eye-catching information area.
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For the best presentation of your company

A trade fair stand does not just represent a specific product or service. It represents the entire company. For this reason, high-quality self-presentation at trade fairs and events is crucial. Of course, you want to present your company in the best possible way. There are no limits to design. In our online shop you will find a wide variety of exhibition walls, which can also be individually printed. Various models and variants are available. In addition to the external appearance, other factors play an important role in the choice of a suitable exhibition wall. As explained in the first section, the mobility of these walls is crucial. A mobile exhibition wall is easy to set up and can be transported with minimal effort. The goal is that even the most extravagant walls can be stowed in the trunk of a car. A maximum of only two people should ever be required for assembly. The easy handling saves on long assembly times. This gives you more time for other tasks and responsibilities.

The flexibility of the exhibition wall is also important. Thanks to the mobility of our walls, you remain flexible in your time management. A modular system, for example, can be reorganised every time it is used. The same system creates new shapes over and over again and the resulting varied exhibition stands. It stands for the greatest possible flexibility at a lower, more affordable cost. The main task of a trade fair wall is to promote various objects or services. For this reason, the size of the advertising space and its nature become a criterion in the selection. Exhibition walls become customer stoppers and eye-catchers.

Exhibition component or attractive advertising medium?

The various walls we offer are an ideal area for the promotion of products or for the presentation of the company. Equipped with interesting graphics, your presentation will attract the attention of passers-by. At trade fairs, you can direct interest parties to your stand in a targeted manner. The presentation of your stand plays an enormous role in the success of your time at any trade fair or exhibition. An attractive exhibition wall offers the ideal advertising space to attract visitors to your stand. Make it clear at an early stage what your company and your products stand for.

With printing or easy-to-apply textile banners, you can create an attractive design for your wall. The banners are easy to change, which means that different designs are always possible. This means that your advertising remains changeable and up-to-date. First and foremost, Exhibition walls are part of the exhibition stand. With various wall elements, elaborate Exhibition walls can be created. The elements separate your stand from other exhibitors. Of course, subject areas can also be appropriately separated from one another in this way.

By designating specific areas, you create structure on your exhibition stand. They can draw the attention and walking routes of visitors. Various products can thus be moved into the prospect's field of vision. The large exhibition walls, usually two meters high, attract the attention of potential customers from afar. Lighting or backlighting in particular can intensify this effect. Equipped with an attractive textile banner, your trade fair presence will be perfect.

Exhibition walls are often used as an advertising tool, he backdrops to any display stand. In addition, these walls can be used for the effective transfer of information. The various models can also be used as signposts to assist guiding customers to. Use a high-quality illuminated wall to draw attention to your company. Transform your exhibition wall into a unique advertisement or a meaningful information display. Backlighting ensures that each representation stands out from the crowd. Various exhibition walls are suitable for achieving optimal results with your advertising. In addition to roll-ups and pop-up displays, there are many other models available. Use the different models not only as a trade fair component, but as an attractive information and advertising medium.
keder rail system spider rail
folding wall premiere with aluminium snap frame
textile stretch frame freestanding

These walls make your appearance a highlight

You too can rely on the positive effect of our exhibition walls. Whether it’s in the form of a curved roll-up display, a flexible folding wall or as a piping rail system. Select the right exhibition wall for your next event, whether it needs to be mobile or flexible. Let yourself be inspired by our range and discover the right advertising medium for your products and services. Decide on the exhibition wall that best suits your needs to boost your exhibition presence. Secure special flexibility and quality that will make your trade fair appearance a real highlight.
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