Mobile Partition Wall "SAFE"

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  • versatile
  • expandable
  • quick and easy assembly
  • different acrylic formats and profile heights possible
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You want to separate departments, work areas or queues from each other? With the mobile partition wall "SAFE" you remain flexible and of high quality in the demarcation. The wall can be used in various locations, such as offices, medical practices, checkout areas or public facilities. No matter where it is used, it keeps the room light and open thanks to a panel made of transparent acrylic. Convince yourself of the high flexibility and versatility of the model "SAFE".

The partition is not only easily adjustable and mobile, but can also be placed at different angles. A hinge between the two wall elements of the article turns the model into a folding wall. Areas can thus be delimited at any angle, while checkout areas or queues can be tracked simultaneously.

The wall, which can be arranged in a variety of ways, is stable in every position. Three round base plates made of steel in a simple grey colour ensure a firm stand. The base of the wall is complemented by an aluminium frame in combination with two acrylic panels. In total the folding wall has a height of 2020mm and a weight of 13 kg.

On request, different acrylic formats and profile heights are possible due to the in-house production. Together, we have the possibility to adapt the folding wall optimally to your company. The standard panel size is 800x1200mm. Additionally the product is expandable. With additional elements the partition can be extended without any problems and the offered protection can be maximized.

As soon as you receive our delivery, the article can be assembled quickly and easily. When assembled, the partition wall quickly provides a means of separation, while also acting as a hygiene protection. Droplets, bacteria and pathogens are each retained on the acrylic.


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