They are used to reinforce the hygiene regulations within a workspace. They give employees & customers information on your hygiene protocols implemented at your business. For example, our “Warning Tape” is used to warn people to keep their distance from each other. This is reinforcing the social distancing measures in a work area. Check out our hygiene instruction products below.
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Keep you customers and employees informed

Our Hygiene Instruction products will ensure that all people visiting your business premises are informed of hygiene regulations in place. This is particularly important with Covid_19, reinforcing the importance of hygienic solutions within a workspace. Both customers and employees will take comfort in knowing you are keeping your workplace hygienic and clean. And, with our Hygiene Instructions, everyone will be aware of the hygiene protocol implemented by your business. You can reinforce social distancing via our “Tape warnings” and give information and tips on being hygienic through our “info pockets”. We also have signs reinforcing the importance of wearing a face mask. This will keep your business more covid secure and your employees/customers happy and confident in knowing your efforts in keeping your business safe.
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