Illuminated Pillars for Indoor or Outdoor Advertising

A light column presents your company in an optimally visible way both indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the high-quality illumination of its LED modules, the stele has an imposing presence being a tall, firm unit. Whether as an illuminated company sign or LED advertising pillar, discover the potential of our illuminated steles for your sales promotion today.
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Illuminated Pillars for the Maximum Visibility of Your Company

Do you want to promote your company successfully and effectively outdoors? Are you looking for illuminated advertising signage? Is your goal to attract a large volume of people to your services and products? Our classic light steles can be used indoors and outdoors as an attractive advertising display piece. Depending on the needs of the user, you can display content on one or both sides. The bright display will increase the likelihood of attracting passers-by. In our range you will find a large number of steles that can be used both outdoors or indoors. These are available in a range of shapes allowing for versatile displays. With an area that can be used on both sides and a convex shape, you can address potential customers from different directions. Simple frame profiles and high-quality LED lighting perfectly establish the steles sleek and modern design.

LED Pillars: Inform and Advise

The height level of the light steles can be used for various purposes. Set up outside at an event or exhibition show or potentially at your company entrance; the stele will ensure the contents is visible from afar. This provides orientation for customers and increases your awareness at the same time. The lighting makes advertising possible at any time, regardless of weather or time of day too. The exhibited contents on the steles are always present when the unit is used in a public space and in this way you ensure that customers easily find their way to you. In addition, passers-by can be addressed around the clock and made aware of your advertising message.

LED Outdoor Steles

Our outdoor steles have a base frame that can be either set in concrete or reinforced. On the inside of the frame profile, there are labelled panels which will assist with the assembly of these units. These are backlit by modern LED modules. Thanks to the modern and professional design of our illuminated outdoor steles, they are often used as company signs.

LED Indoor Steles

Designed for indoor use, these steles are used as an attractive display unit. Additionally, this is classified as a light source and therefore will illuminate the immediate surrounding area. They can be used for LED shop window advertising or at exhibitions and trade fairs. Covered with textile banners or with a snap frame, the advertising messages can be changed quickly and easily. They serve as versatile advertising media that can garner interest from afar.

Choose an LED Pillar for Your Business Needs

Our LED steles can be used as an efficient tool - effectively passing on information. They can be used for internal and external communication with customers. The high visibility of the illuminated pillars ensures the efficiency of these display units with such a large space for displaying.

LED outdoor pillars can be incredibly advantageous in presenting yourself to a large number of people in an outdoor environment. Alternatively, you could choose the indoor light column to effectively bring advertising to customers in an indoor space (such as tradeshows and exhibitions). We would be happy to help you choose the right advertising display or sign stand for your company. Get in touch today!
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