Inflatable furniture is ideal for use at tradeshows, events and exhibitions. This is as it is easy to store away as it is inflatable and only requires an air pump to build them up into their true, functional format. We have a selection of inflatable seating available in our range.
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Inflatable Furniture

What is great about our inflatable furniture is there are no tools or equipment required for assembly. All the user must do is pump up the unit to create comfartable, lightweight items of furniture. Here at VKF Renzel we have a selection of seating options available. These are used to make your customers feel more welcome at events and tradeshows. They allow for intimate one-to-one conversations. Whats more, we also have printable fabrics on offer – allowing our customers to select what graphic is on their inflatable furniture. Speak to our team to find out more.

Not only is our inflatable furniture easy to store, but it is also easy to transport – Not requiring the use of a van or large vehicle. When inflatable products are deflated, they are small enough to be moved in any average sized car. We have an air pump on offer to ensure you can inflate all of the inflatable equipment we have on offer. If you have questions or queries on our inflatable products then please feel free to contact us – We would be happy to assist you.
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