The  essentails for any office environment. These products ensure that your employees are equipped with all the fundermentals tools to conduct their day-to-day operations. We have mousepads, business card cases, calculators, just to name a few! Be sure to find the solutions you need for your office.

If you have any questions on the products below, feel free to contact our team for more information.
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Tools for everyday use

This equipment will assist office workers in day-to-day activities. These products can help with organisation as well as helping individuals’ complete tasks. We have equipment for all sorts of office use. Notepads – such simple little tools that make workers lives so much easier. And this is just one example!

Our range of calculators
Calculators can be used to ensure there are no discrepancies in you work. Our “Lorenzo” Calculator is a modern sleek calculator that has a premium finish and is available in different colours. What’s more, we offer the Metmaxx “GreenNumbers” Calculator which our environmentally friendly version of our calculators. This version of our calculator can even have a printed front to have your advertising and branded on show. This also makes a very cool and unique promotional product.

General purpose office equipment
We have all sorts of office equipment for everyday use. For example, we have hole punches, mousepads and staplers. These are all office essentials, that are needed in any office environment. We also have some specialist equipment such as portfolio binders which can be used to house a wide selection of information and documents

Browse through our selection of office equipment to find what your office is missing! Feel free to ask our team any questions at or call us on 01527 878311
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