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Hotel Room Point of Sale

Point of Sale Displays for Hotels

Essential POS for hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts & more!

Display Solutions for Hotels & Lodgings Across the UK

Whether a small bed and breakfast or a large nationwide hotel chain, you should never underestimate the power of utilising various point of sale displays throughout your premises. POS displays for hotels are vital in helping to create or maintain your brand/corporate image, for advertising further products or services on offer and can also aid in generating a more welcoming atmosphere for your customers. Think everything from crystal clear protective screens to smart leaflet holders to sleek poster frames and more!

Where should I use my POS displays in my hotel?

The great thing is that with such an expansive range of point of sale displays on offer, they can be used just about anywhere, no matter the size of your premises. With this said, there are a few key areas in which you may want to focus placing your POS and sales promotion items:
  • The reception area - as the first point of contact for your guests, it is important to ensure you have effective POS displays placed around and near your check-in area. As this is an area in which your employees will need to directly converse with guests, first think about utilising a protective screen to protect both parties from the spread of germs. In addition, you may also want to consider the use of desktop sign holders to communicate relevant information to customers, as well as leaflet holders, which guests can have a peruse of whilst they wait to check in.
  • In the corridors - often forgotten about, but don't discredit the importance of point of sale displays within corridors. Poster frames are incredibly useful, as you can fill up the empty space on your walls with relevant corporate images and/or advertisements. Additionally, if your customers have use of an elevator(s), think about placing a freestanding leaflet holder nearby; whilst they wait for the elevator, this captive audience may then decide to pick up a leaflet that takes their interest.
  • In the elevator - don't underestimate the power of placing POS displays and advertisements within the elevator itself. Once inside, your guests are automatically exposed to whatever is present, providing a captive audience for the content displayed inside. Plus, have you ever had an awkward elevator ride yourself? In this case, eyes are fixated on anything aside from the other people in the elevator, providing you the opportunity to advertise current offers within your hotel.
  • In hotel rooms - the rooms themselves, can be an incredibly valuable space for generating further interest from your guests within your hotel. A countertop sign holder can easily be placed on the desk/table space in each room with your chosen information or advertisements. A popular choice is to place a menu to your hotels restaurant or room service here, encouraging your guests to dine on the premises, however you may wish to display hotel policies or showcase some new on-site offerings instead. Self-adhesive poster pockets may also be a useful tool, as they can be placed in various areas of the room, from mirrors to doors, reminding people of policies and such!

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