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Protective Spit Screens

Sneeze guards are an important hygiene tool utilised to reduce the likelihood of transmitting infection by creating an obtrusive protective barrier between people.

Protective Spit Screens

Sneeze guards are an important hygiene tool utilised to reduce the likelihood of transmitting infection by creating an obtrusive protective barrier between people.

Why Are Sneeze Guards Important?

Sneeze guards (or spit protection screens) have become a crucial piece of equipment within businesses across the UK due to the current circumstances. These sneeze guards act as a protective barrier between two individuals or groups of people, preventing the spread of airborne bacteria, germs, viruses etc. from person to person.

In general, these protective screens are made from transparent materials, ensuring that people are still clearly visible to one another and communication between these groups is minimally disrupted. The transparent element of these screens also ensures that they are unobtrusive once set up. Customers and employees also view that you’re taking their health and safety seriously with this additional layer of hygiene equipment implemented.

What Types of Sneeze Guards Are There?

There are various types of sneeze guards readily available in a wide array of styles, shapes and sizes, so you can be certain that there’s a solution for your specific need. At VKF Renzel, we stock multiple protective screens. These include:
  • Countertop Sneeze Guards – these are the most common type of protective sneeze shield that you’ll likely see around. They’re an incredibly popular choice within the retail sector and within reception areas, as they can easily be placed in front of the checkout/check-in areas with little obstruction. Most of these types of screens also come with an open hatch at the base to allow for items to be easily passed through and for transactions to take place.
  • Ceiling Suspension Screens – the suspension screens are a great option to consider if you want to maximise the space on your countertop. Whilst countertop screens may take up some valuable room on your worktop, these take up no room, as they are simply hung from above. With the use of hooks and suspension wires, you can hang these at whatever height you need to, allowing for a suitable passage underneath if necessary.
  • Sneeze Guards for Desks – within an office setting, you may wish to create a protective barrier between employees. Simply attach the screens to the sides of the desk to build a barrier around the individual. This avoids moving desks around to try and create more space between people. Additionally, we have options that can simply be placed in the centre of workspaces, acting as a great option within schools too.

Sneeze Guards Suitable for Many Uses

All businesses can use sneeze guards to some capacity. It goes without saying that these protective screens are incredibly popular within the retail sector, specifically at checkout areas. With the open slot towards the base, it means that items being purchased can be directly passed from the customer to the employee and vice versa.

Any place in your businesses where a direct one-to-one interaction occurs is the perfect place to utilise a sneeze guard. This could include, as mentioned, till areas, but also check-in areas at restaurants, desks in sales rooms or estate agents, to name a couple. In addition, reception areas, potentially in hotels, doctors’ offices or hospitals could benefit from the use of these screens.

As you may begin to bring more and more employees back into the office, these can also be effectively used here. A protective sneeze guard will save spacing out desks to maintain social distancing, as they provide a protective barrier between employees when sat in closer proximity to one another. This is also incredibly useful within school and university settings too.

Additionally, as exhibitions are beginning to take place once again, these sneeze guards are a fantastic choice of equipment to utilise in this environment. Many of our models on offer can be easily transported and are perfect for use in an area where a high level of transactions may take place. Our Promotion Counter “Convex” has also been manufactured with this exact reason in mind.

The fact that protective sneeze screens are transparent means that they don’t affect the visual aspect of the environment, however these unobtrusive items reassure your customers, patients, visitors and/or staff that their health and safety within your premises is at the forefront of your mind.

An Easy to Use Hygiene Tool

A great benefit of sneeze screens comes down to the fact that they’re an incredibly easy piece of equipment to use; most require very little setup and can also be easily moved whenever necessary. In regards to our units, most protective screens on offer are freestanding units that simply sit on the countertop or are secured with the use of clips or suction cups.

Ceiling suspension screens do require the use of appropriate accessories to set up, however this is incredibly easy to do so and once done, are unobtrusive to the eye.

We also offer a mobile sneeze guard for those people that are constantly on the go. The Sneeze Guard 3-Sided for Tables can easily slot together when in use and as a result, is a great option for those who may have to frequently travel or for offices where hot desking takes place.
protective sneeze guard in supermarket

Protecting Staff and Customers

It’s always been important to create a safe working environment, but now, more than ever, it’s crucial to do so in regards to reducing the likelihood of transmitting infections to one another. Sneeze screens are a vital tool for helping to show each individual that enters your premises that their health and safety is of the utmost priority to you and your business.

If comparing businesses, nowadays many customers are likely to opt for the company that has the correct hygiene tools implemented over the ones that don’t, as they feel safer when entering your business. In addition to offering protection to each individual, the use of sneeze screens, along with other appropriate hygiene tools, helps to further boost the positive image surrounding your business, leading to the likelihood of increased business further down the line.

Suitable Accessories for Your Sneeze Guard

To go along with your new sneeze guard, we also offer a range of accessories. Some are needed to set up various screens. For example, we have a selection of clamps that are used to fit particular screens to the edges of a desktop, as well as hooks and wires that are required for the ceiling suspension screens.

We also offer intercom systems that can be bought separately in order to ensure that the sound quality is not muffled by the screen. With this said, most of our screens, due to their size, will not affect the sound quality between the two groups; these are more suited for larger screens that may block a significant space around an individual.

Caring for Your Sneeze Guard

When it comes to the ongoing maintenance of your protective sneeze guard, the benefit is that it requires very little over time. Once set up, in theory, your sneeze guard can essentially be left and used as it is for an extended period of time.

We would simply recommend cleaning your screen every now and then. In order to avoid damaging the material, avoid using abrasive chemicals and instead opt for a bit of warm (or warm soapy) water and a soft cloth.

If the item needs to be stored away as you no longer need to use it at the current time, ensure that the screen is sufficiently protected from damages i.e., scratches. Wrapping it in a protective material and storing it in an area that it is unlikely to get bashed around in or knocked will do the trick.

Additional Products to Use in Conjunction with Your Sneeze Guard

Whilst protective sneeze guards are a fantastic hygiene tool to implement, they’re not the only one. In order efficiently and safely run your business, you need to consider other items that would be useful to put into action alongside your spit shields.

Disinfectant dispensers are now a commonplace almost everywhere you travel. Whether entering a store, office block, school or dentist surgery, you’re almost certain to encounter one of these as soon as you step your foot inside. Therefore, it’s important that you’re also offering your customers, employees and visitors the option to sanitise their hands. Not only at the entrance, but these disinfectant dispensers are also important tools to implement in areas where they may be high levels of traffic within your business.

Social distancing stickers may also be a useful tool to consider using, particularly if queues are likely to form anywhere inside your premises. You may also wish to offer staff masks and/or visors to whilst working, to ensure that they feel safer when at work. Air purifiers, queue partition screens and various cleaning products are also available in our online shop.

If you have any additional queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help find the perfect solution in regards to your sneeze guards and other hygiene requirements.
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