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Below you'll find our range of suggestion, raffle and voting boxes, as well as tombola drums. These raffles boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, manufactured from either acrylic, plastic or steel and are often used in a many locations, including, but not limited to, exhibitions, events, in offices and receptions.

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Raffle Boxes, Ballot Boxes & Suggestion Boxes

What are suggestion and raffle boxes used for?

Nowadays raffle boxes can be used for a variety of different reasons. Whilst they can still be utilised for both raffles or competition draws, you’ll also see them in a selection of alternative locations too. Suggestion boxes are a great choice when trying to garner a number of ideas or feedback and are often used within businesses or schools to collect the opinions from employees or students. When collecting the results for a poll, these can also be used as ballot boxes too. You may often spot these raffle boxes at exhibitions as well; they’re a great tool for collecting business cards from potential customers.

How would you recommend displaying my suggestion box?

It will depend upon what you intend to use your suggestion box for, however it is vital that those passing by can clearly see the box and are aware of its intended purpose immediately, whether that should be helped with the use of branding or information on or near the box. Reception areas are a great starting point, as this is typically the first point of contact for visitors. With that said, if you want to bring greater focus to your raffle or suggestion box, the “Tondo” Frame for Raffle Box and Raffle Box Stand “Bardis” will certainly be effective in doing so.

Can I get my logo and/or branding added to my suggestion box?

If needed, we can add logos or slogans to a selection of our clear acrylic raffle boxes and tombola drums. A Poster Band for Raffle Boxes can also be inserted on the inside of your transparent raffle boxes, the perfect option if your branding of the box will constantly be changing.

Do you have lockable versions of these suggestion boxes?

For added security, we do also stock many of our suggestion boxes with locks. Both our Suggestion Box in Plastic and Suggestion Box in Steel come with a lock included and the is available either with or without a lock. A Cylinder Padlock is also available, which will be compatible with the Donation Box.

Which boxes would you recommend for a raffle?

When you’re planning an upcoming raffle, you want your raffle box to be the most suitable for your use. The Raffle Box, our classic suggestion box design, is a great sleek option when it comes to collecting your raffle entries. For a larger and easily transportable option, the 500mm Raffle Box can be dismantled and stored flat. With that said, the and Tombola Drum (Small) are useful for mixing the entries round, as they both have the ability to spin on the hinges.

I don’t want the contents inside to be seen by others; do you offer ballot boxes that are not made of clear acrylic?

If you want the content inside the ballot box to be hidden from others, then you have many options. Both our Suggestion Box in Plastic and Suggestion Box in Steel come in solid colours with cannot be seen through. Alternatively, our clear can have a Poster Band added to the four sides, each of which can be branded.

Can you create custom raffle boxes? Can I get my suggestion box in another colour?

All raffle and suggestion boxes shown are our standard products. If you’re after different colours or alternative sizes, then please contact us directly and we’ll see if this is something we can do.

Collection box for elections

Donation box for campaigns and events

Lottery box for raffles

Would you like to save yourself the use of a display banner? No problem! Our boxes can also be individually printed with your logo or slogan. A lot box can be placed very decoratively on a frame or is already integrated in the plug-in lot box tower.

Collection box and mailbox

A collection box, throw-in box and a suggestion box are used in wide range of different areas. The suggestion box serves to receive opinions, suggestions and criticism. These are noted on cards and thrown into the box. They are fantastic ways to receive customer feedback and assess how the company may be perceived by external parties. Important company decision can be formulated from this important type of feedback.

If you like it a little smaller, our small mailbox is good for you. The mobile, lockable mailbox can be placed as desired, in an office space or at an exhibition event. Place the suggestion box on a table or counter or anywhere that it is clearly visible for the corresponding people to use. With such a box you can ask customers, guests or employees about different topics. The box also allows this process to take place anonymously. Evaluate the feedback from your guests and customers in order to formulate a decision. You could also use suggestions of employees to draw conclusions about the working atmosphere. This in turn would further improve service and your performance.

Select a suitable box made of acrylic glass

In addition to boxes made of steel or metal, we offer you a large selection of different lot boxes made of acrylic clear glass. We manufacture a large part of the boxes shown above ourselves. This results in the possibility of individual dimensions, printing or other requests. Just contact us for more information!

Discover the right collection box for your area of application in our online range. Use a lottery box for the next raffle at an event. Use the donation box for a campaign for a good cause. Alternatively, you can select our collection boxes to get feedback.

Can't find the right product for you? Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to make you an offer for an individual production.
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