Removable Banknote Stacker Safescan "RS-100"

Item number: 10.0059.28
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  • compatible with Safescan 155-S G2 banknote counter
  • collects up to 10 checked banknotes
  • easy to attach and remove from the back of the note validator
  • space-saving design
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Processing banknotes has never been easier. Simply attach the Safescan RS-100 to your note validator to collect all the banknotes you have
banknotes. You can even turn your Safescan 155-S into a mini banknote counter by activating the add function.
function. The Safescan 155-S not only shows you the total number and value of the checked banknotes, it also stores the banknotes until
you are ready to process them further.


10-0059-28 Removable Banknote Stacker Safescan RS-100 EN

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