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Make your customers aware of your shopping restrictions with the notice stickers. Apply the window film to your shop window or label the access door to your store. The pictogram unmistakably informs everyone about the shopping basket or shopping cart requirement.


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Variants Version Item number Item No. Price
shopping basket red shopping basket red 14.0059.1887 £ 1.50 view Article »
shopping basket blue shopping basket blue 14.0059.1888 £ 1.50 view Article »
shopping basket green shopping basket green 14.0059.1889 £ 1.50 view Article »
shopping trolley red shopping trolley red 14.0059.1890 £ 1.50 view Article »
shopping trolley blue shopping trolley blue 14.0059.1891 £ 1.50 view Article »
shopping trolley green shopping trolley green 14.0059.1892 £ 1.50 view Article »
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