These products are perfect for moving goods – ideal for use within factory and warehouse environments. Items and products can be stored on trolleys for movement to storage, packaging etc. It makes life for warehouse much easier moving large quantities of goods. Browse through our range today.
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Transporting made easy

Many of our trolley units are equipped with multiple shelves for transporting a greater number of goods. Trolleys can move huge amounts of parcels and goods. Through the use of wheels, transporting has never been easier. They are so crucially important to warehouse environments. Our Trolley all operate on 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels for easy movement and turning. They also come equipped with locks to keep trolleys fixed in place. This ensures safety is maintained in busy, hazardous environments such as warehouses and manufacturing industries.

Our Steel Truck units can easily transport multiple boxes in one movement, rather than multiple journeys. The use of these Trucks allows a lot more weight to be transported. It makes any environment more productive. Being a two wheeled high unit, they are easily stored and don’t take up much space, very important in warehouses as space is usually limited.

Transportation trolleys for catering

These trolleys are specifically designed for use within environments with foods. Stainless steel is easy to clean and ensures that hygiene can be maintained. Hygiene is of paramount importance in these environments. These are designed to be used within restaurants for serving food to large parties. There simple but sleek design ensures they will suit any themed restaurant. Our servicing trolleys operate on the 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels for easy, clean movement.
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