In order to cordon off certain areas quickly and efficiently, barrier posts with a drawstring offer the best possible solution. The strap systems with different lengths of extension are not only quick to place, but also particularly efficient.

Different materials and belt colours allow the barriers to be adapted to your area of application. Thanks to the wide range of options for fastening and application, the items are used in a wide variety of industries. You too can benefit from the many advantages of our barrier posts.
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In many situations, barriers are needed quickly and at short notice. For example, if there is a large queue, it must be sorted quickly. With barrier posts you are well prepared for short-term changes. The posts with belt pull-out are easy and space-saving to stow away until they are used. When using the barrier posts, they are simply placed in the desired location and the eye-catching drawstring is pulled out. The extension of the straps and straps can be pulled to different lengths and can also be fixed in different ways.

On the one hand, the belt of one post can be attached to the next barrier post. This way, free areas can be easily delimited. The connected posts are also used for queues at airports, in front of checkout areas or in public facilities. Should the queue get shorter, the barrier can be changed with one movement by unhooking a belt.

Do you want to cordon off an area on an adjacent wall? Wall mounting in combination with a barrier stand or another wall bracket is the perfect solution. With a Wanclip, the barrier of an area can easily be pulled up to the wall. A wall bracket with a drawstring in combination with a wall clip is suitable for entrances. In this, the drawstring can be fixed again and again safely.

Adaptable to any application

The barrier stands are not only adaptable in terms of their attachment, but also in their design. Online you will find barrier posts in different designs. There is a choice between different post and belt colours as well as different materials. When choosing the belt colour, it is important to choose the right colour for your company. In the assortment you will find a wide range of signal colours to indicate barriers from far away. When not in use, the belt pull-out disappears inside the respective post.
Barrier Stand Systems
In order to decide on the right material for the article, one should be clear about the area or areas of application. Is a barrier only needed indoors? In contrast to indoor use, the bollard requires a certain weight when used outdoors in order to defy wind and weather.

In addition to the material, the desired post color can be selected. The posts of the various barrier posts are usually placed on a round base. For indoor barriers, there are feet with a lower height and a subtle design. While feet that can be filled or those with weight are used outside. Both types ensure the stability of the barrier at the respective location. In addition, suitable accessories ensure that the posts are optimally equipped. In addition to banner holders or wall clips, a sign board extends your barrier. Special precautions, opening times or promotions can be indicated on the sign board. The board is attached to the top of the barrier post and is in the direct field of vision of passers-by.

Order and security guaranteed

Barriers are used most in areas where many people meet. By tracking queues and crowds of people, barrier posts with drawstring ensure order and safety quickly and effectively. Not only queues, but also areas can be structured. Use the various products in this category and react spontaneously and prepared for long queues. At the same time, you can block off areas or create new rooms and zones in the shortest possible time. We are always happy to advise you on the great potential of barrier posts.
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