Hanging made easy! Our discreet and stylish cable systems bring your advertising media, posters, pictures and information boards particularly stylish advantage. A cable system can be used for horizontal or vertical suspension, from wall to wall, or from ceiling to floor. These cable displays are perfect for estate agent window displays and allow you to create a display from floor to ceiling with the properties you have to offer. All required personal components such as wire, cable brackets, ceiling and floor fixtures, wire guiding etc. are all available for order too!

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Cable Display Systems for Window & Wall Displays

What is a cable display system?
A cable display system is an effective solution for firms to display posters, signs and information to customers and those passing by. They’re often displayed in windows or on walls and are great for neatly showcasing a large number of different inserts. Create your own custom display system with your required number of poster holders; it’s also incredibly easy to alter your display, should you need any more or fewer poster pockets on show.
Where are cable displays used?
Whilst they can be utilised just about anywhere, cable display systems are often used in the windows of estate agents, showcasing an array of properties currently for sale or rent to those outside, working to entice them inside. They’re also used for a similar purpose in travel agents to increase the number of people walking through the door to enquire about an upcoming holiday, as well as for recruiters to present current job openings. Additionally, you’re likely to find cable displays inside the likes of hairdressers, retail showrooms and museums to name a few, displaying a cluster of information directly to customers.
What different options do I have for displaying my cable hanging system?
A standard cable display is typically shown either at a window or on a wall. This is often to grab the attention of people passing by or to increase sales and provide additional information to those already inside. Many cable systems will be displayed as single columns, however to display multiple columns next to one another, consider ordering the Cable Guide for Double Holder.

Other options including the Hanging Set for Suspended Ceilings, which allows you to suspend your poster pockets directly from the ceiling. Additionally, the Shelf Holder can also be used to aid in holding shelves in place on a cable.
Do you offer different sizes of pockets for my cable display system?
We offer a variety of Acrylic Poster Pockets suitable for standard DIN paper sizes. These range from A1 to A6 and are available in both portrait and landscape orientations.
How long are the wire cables for my window display?
The great thing about the Wire Cable is that whilst it comes in a 4m length, it can be cut to size by yourself to meet your exact requirements.
Can I purchase a complete cable display kit from you?
For a complete standard window/wall cable display system, you’ll need a few different components. These include the acrylic pockets, wire cable, ceiling fixings, floor fixings, cable holder sets (either side or double) – remember you’ll need two holders per pocket to allow them to sufficiently hang up. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Cable System Set to receive the wire, as well as the ceiling and floor fixings all in one. 
How do I securely fix my cable display?
Setting your cable display system is fairly simple. First, you need to ensure that your wire is cut to your desired size. The ends of the wire can then be placed into the ceiling and floor fixings and the fixings need to be screwed into the ceiling and floor – please note that screws are not included. The acrylic poster pockets can then be attached to the cable display with the fixings.
If you’re however having any issues in securely fixing your cable display system, then please contact us directly for advice.
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