Change Tray "Milium"

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Product highlights

  • modern acrylic cash tray
  • in curved shape
  • with advertising space for inserts
  • colour combination: grey / transparent
  • special colours possible from 1000 pieces
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An acrylic/ grey cash dish used for exchanging money with minimal human contact. Perfect for use in stores or business's within the hospitality sector as a method of maintaining optimum hygiene. Simply place cash onto the dish and slide between cashier and customer. Can be used through the cut outs in protective screens. Special colours are available on orders over 1000 pieces. 


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Product Description

The "Milium" acrylic change tray is an ideal addition to your checkout area. The tray will impress with its curved modern design and grey/transparent colours. The payment surface is fixed by two plastic bolts and can be easily removed. You can use the existing insertion option to insert individual advertising inserts and thus attract attention every time you change money. Your information is optimally protected by the plastic surface, but always remains visible.
Special colours available on orders over 1000 pieces.


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