Cash dishes and money plates are small dishes commonly found near the cash register. Often they include an advertising print to draw attention to special discount promotions or services. You can usually find the unobtrusive, but very helpful articles directly at the point of sale. Choose an item from our online range and help contribute to improved hygiene in the checkout area.
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Cash Dishes: Effective Tools at the Checkout

At VKF Renzel, we offer many options for improving your checkout area. As the point of purchase, the cash register area plays a major role in bettering the customer experience. Appropriate order should be maintained at the cash desk and any waiting times should be shortened when possible. In order to help with this, there are many small aids that can be implemented to have a positive impact.

For example, a checkout divider ensures that there is order on the cash register belt; it's also additionally used as extra advertising space. A price list holder could also potentially reduce wait times and improve your overall service. Another aid which can benefit you in the checkout area would be a cash dish or money plate. These items are not only found in retail stores, but also petrol stations are bars too. They ensure order in the checkout area, yet can also contribute to improved hygiene within the workplace too.

The dish can prevent unwanted contact from transferring money from one person to another during the payment process. Especially during times of flu waves or other illnesses, it's important to avoid unnecessary transmission of droplets of bacteria when possible; by using cash dishes, you enable your customers and staff to forego contact. In a way, this can provide additional reassurance for the two parties.

Advertising with a Cash Dish

Similar to a cash divider, cash plates also offer additional advertising space in the area of ​​the cash register. The plates are placed centrally in front of or near the cash register. Most of the payment plates offer space for a paper insert. This can be changed quickly and adapted to current offers or promotions.

The central position of the article ensures that the customer deals effectively with the advertising in the cash dish. Their gaze inevitably falls upon the advertising message currently on display on the dish, so make sure to use that advertising space effectively. You may potentially point our loyalty schemes and promotions, or alternatively use the insert solely for branding purposes.

If you prefer, the money plate can also be used to sustainably communicate various bits of information directly to the customer. The design of the paper inlays is at your discretion and can be implemented entirely in line with the corporate design of your business. Print out your design and place it in the cash dish whenever you wish to do so. The whole process is incredibly simple and can be actioned almost instantaneously.

Depending on the cash dish chosen, you have various different slide-in formats available for your advertising inserts. Decide between a payment plate with separate usable advertising spaces or one with a uniform are. Don't just simply use the cash plates to make things easier within the checkout area, ensure that you're utilising them to their fullest extent and use it as an opportunity to further advertising your offers, products or services.

Cash Dishes Tailored to Your Needs

Are you looking for a suitable cash dish for the checkout area in your business' premises? Here you're sure to find a payment dish that will fit your exact needs - whether a cash dish with a slide-in bar for advertising inserts, those with counter protection buffers or versions with milled-out money troughs... we have it all.

What do you expect from a payment tray? Your first thought may be a classic rounded plate with rubber feet; the cash dish for paper inlays made of acrylic glass certainly fulfills these exact expectations. The paper inserts can be pushed in from the sides, whilst the rubber feet protect against slipping. The "Sorbus" model on the other hand has a simpler design. The item which is manufactured from 6mm thick acrylic glass adapts to any environment thanks to its subtle exterior. Instead of the classic milled-out money recess, the plate has stylish sloped edges.

In order to make the best possible use of a cash dish, a version with a large advertising space is recommended. The Cash Dish for Paper Inserts consists largely of advertising space. There is also a rounded compartment for coins and banknotes.

The items mentioned previously, as well as many other cash dishes used, are utilised in a variety of places. In addition to classic shops, the payment plates are also a popular part of the equipment for public facilities, food establishment and many other locations whereby money (or other small items) need to be transferred from one person to another.

Various Options Available

The many articles available within our range can be adapted to your wishes even more precisely on request. As many of these items are manufactured within our European head offices, we can adapt to your requirements during production. Thanks to the in-house print shop and the various printing techniques utilised there, we also have the option of printing on many of our articles. Placing a slogan or logo turns your cash dish into an eye-catching tool on the sales counter.

We would be more than happy to discuss manufacturing a bespoke article for you based off of your specific requirements.

Other items for use at the checkout are also available online. In addition to the aids described above, banknote checkers and cash counters are also an integral part of the cash register too. Discover our wide range for your checkout area today!
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