A money scale is used to reliably count coins and banknotes based on its dynamic weighing function. When using a scale, you will be quicker and more effective in determining cash sums. The scales determine the exact amount in a matter of seconds, while the adding function takes care of the total.
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Money Scales for the Exact and Fast Determination of Cash

Money scales are versatile devices for weighing and determining the exact number of banknotes and coins. Money scales are commonly used to determine the value of smaller amounts of money and are often used in retailing environments. Our money scale units operate via a battery or power cable. The device usually weighs each individual coin or banknote unit and then uses the weight to calculate the amount and value.

Some of the favourable characteristics of our money scales are the fact that they are mobile, small and easy to transport. Additionally, being suitable for different currencies makes it an incredibly useful product for various businesses. When used on site, the automatic value counting saves you considerable effort. Our money scales are just one of our solutions for counting money. Count coins, bills, rolls of coins or vouchers with this easy-to-use tool.

Example: Counting and Adding Money

Let’s say you’re at a trade show and you’ve sold several products throughout the day – how will you settle the days income? The compact Safescan Money Scale 6185 fits easily into your pocket. It is very mobile and runs off a powerful battery. After sales are over, you want to settle the daily bill as quickly as possible.

To count the banknotes and coins quickly and reliably with the scales, simply place the bills in bundles on the weighing surface and read the amount on the LED display. Thanks to the adding function, you can read off a subtotal at any time.

To count coins, place one type of coin in the container on the scale. Since you can also use a Safescan cash drawer, the containers from a cash register could easily be attached. The associated thermal printer will now print out the statement for you.
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Automatic Value Counting for Your Earnings

Counting money by hand unfortunately leaves considerable room for human error, in regards to making mistakes, being unreliable and in general, much slower, which your business cannot afford. The time required can quickly increase due to a lack of concentration or a high level of stress too.

In contrast, automatic value counting with money counters takes the stress out of tallying up money totals. Thanks to high-quality technology, these devices are 100% reliable and can also be used in a variety of ways. This means that the billing is not only carried out in the shortest possible time, but also correctly and in an orderly manner.

Whilst bill counters are used to count banknotes, coin counters help count and sort coins. Money scales, on the other hand, can be used for both paper money and coins. They represent a complete solution for counting and organising money.

Benefit from the adding function, which is the software for counting money. The easy-to-read LED display shows the weight and value of the cash you’re checking through. Alternatively, you could use the option of counting vouchers as well. Use for different currencies and calculate the sums 100% correctly! The only thing left to do is put the money on the scales.

Safescan Money Scale, Coin Counter & Bill Acceptor

Count Coins, Bills & Coin Rolls with Money Scales

In addition to bill counters, money scales are very popular and often used tools to determine the exact amounts of cash. The modern money scales count both banknotes, bundles of banknotes, coins and coin rolls.

It is equipped with a dynamic weighing function for precise counting. The devices are suitable for a variety of currencies, depending on the model. In the event of a new banknote, you will be informed by us about free updates for your devices.

Simply connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. You’ll be able to update your money scale and be able to use it to count new banknotes. The updates ensure that the value count with the money scale always remains accurate and reliable. It also guarantees this product will have a long lifespan.

Equipment for Your Checkout Area

Save yourself valuable time and leave the counting of cash totals to a money scale. This leaves you more time for day-to-day business and you can also rely on secure cash determination. Provide your employees with a reliable tool in the checkout area.

Within a short period of time, these units will count your total cash on hand. And if you want to be sure that you haven't caught any “false” notes before counting, you can use a Banknote Verifier. The essential equipment for your checkout area, all here in our online shop.
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