Our money counting machines can quickly count through banknotes, checking through your money quickly and reliably. Our money counting machines are a compact size and can be used in checkout areas or even at events. Reduce counting errors and the risk of accepting counterfeit money today.
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Banknote Counting Devices for Small and Large Counting Volumes

Our range of banknote counting machines can be used to count either small or large quantities efficiently and fast. The majority of the models we offer have practical counterfeit money detection for banknotes. In addition to the counting and ordering, a reliable and safe check takes place to ensure no counterfeit money will be counted. We have bill counters for both smaller and larger counting volumes. Have a look through our selection to find the appropriate model for your business.

Bill Counters, Money Scales & Testing Devices

What Benefits do Money Counters Bring to Your Business?

A compact counter, such as “Rapidcount Compact”, can be used within a checkout area, bringing enormous relief to employees and saving time in day-to-day work. In addition, it grants a high degree of certainty and security for banknotes. These devices can be implemented easily where needed due to their compact size taking up minimal space.

These units will offer users the benefit of fast and reliable counting. As well as any person could count up banknotes, there are some fundamental facts to consider. Firstly, our banknote counting machines are fast designed for this purpose, saving the expenditure of time counting. Also, there will be no human error using our equipment, ensuring no inconsistencies.

The device can also recognise dirty or damaged banknotes. Automatic money counting machines replace the manual counting process in a time-saving and cost-effective way. In addition, banknotes are neatly stacked and can be easily bundled.

A Money Counter and Validator - in One Device!

Using our Money Counting Machines, banknotes can be checked in addition to the counting process. With this function you are able to validate all of your banknotes and clear any counterfeit. This small investment into our units will act as a large security deposit.

Your company will never unintentionally use fake bank notes again. Automatic bill validators are a smart investment option, especially when it comes to equipping the checkout area to be its most effective. Banknote counters provide you with various advantages, as they enable precise and exact counting. Complete your device with a printing desk calculator, external LCD display or a dust cover.

Automatic Bill Validators for Counterfeit Money Detection

It's important to invest in a value counter with 100% counterfeit money detection. Depending on the device, the models will utilise different features during use. Our bill counters have a 2 to 7 fold counterfeit money check. Here, UV characteristics, watermarks, magnetic ink, infrared characteristics and other properties are taken into account. An alarm when false banknotes are detected, ensuring that no counterfeit money is ignored.

Banknote counting machines are used to make working with or counting banknotes easier. They are used in retail, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and even in casinos. Using these systems allows for counting banknotes in moments. With a speed of 1,000 banknotes per minute, the device is suitable for all currencies.

Cleaning Card for Banknote Counters

By using cleaning cards, you will ensure the best possible performance of your device. The water-based cards are used to clean your banknote counters. Especially banknotes that have been in circulation for a long time bring a lot of dust and dirt with them. Regular cleaning guarantees long-term use and cleanliness of the device.

Load Updates for Different Currencies via USB Cables

You can update our machines so that they can count new banknotes and currencies – ensuring your equipment is always up to date. These can easily be carried out for the respective device.

In the event of a new feature, you will receive a notification from us, which asks you to update. You can perform the update using an SD card. Alternatively, you can connect your money counter to your laptop or PC with a USB cable and easily install an update on your device.

Banknote Counting Machines in all Variants

Counting money quickly and reliably - this is what our money counting machines will offer to you. The integrated detection of counterfeit money and the detection of different currencies makes these devices attractive for many different industries. Now you too can save time and money by using an automatic banknote counter.

Choose the right model for your location. Benefit from the adding, bundling, checking and counting functions. Learn the easy and intuitive handling of bill counters, including an easy-to-read LCD display.

Testing devices will make your day-to-day work much easier. They count and sort the required amount of cash quickly and safely using modern, advanced technology. Find out about the versatility and ease of use of the bill counters. Order affordable money counting machines online now.
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