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Please find below our full range of checkout dividers. You will find these checkout dividers in all supermarkets, discount stores and any other store with a conveyor belt at the checkout. Checkout dividers are used to primarily separate the shopping of one customers from another, but are also a great way for extra advertisment at the tills.

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Retail Checkout Dividers from VKF Renzel UK

Where should these checkout dividers be used?
Typically, checkout dividers are used within larger stores, including supermarkets and discount stores, however any store with a conveyor belt system at the checkout area will certainly benefit from the use of these dividers. Whilst they are used primarily to separate one customers shop from another, they are also an additional form of advertising to bring into your store.

There’s no end cap with my checkout divider; can I order one separately?
Some of our checkout dividers do have a few separate components. The Checkout Divider “DO 40” and “DO 30” may need an end cap when in use. Whilst these aren’t essential, they can help the checkout divider look more aesthetically pleasing and prevent the inserts from sliding out. These however are not sold in conjunction with the dividers and must be bought separately. If you need replacement end caps or forgot to purchase them initially, check out the End Caps for Checkout Divider “DO 40” or “DO 30”.

How can I insert printed inserts into my checkout dividers?
Regardless of which checkout divider you opt for, it’s incredibly simple to place your inserts inside. For the “DO” range, simply remove the end cap and slide your own inserts in from the side. Options like the Aluminium Checkout Shopping Divider allow a U Pocket to be inserted into the top, which an insert can easily be placed into, but also allow you to slide in an insert in a similar way to the “DO” range. Remember that the U pockets do need to be purchased separately if you would like to do this.

Do you provide branding on the checkout dividers?
Unfortunately, we do not provide branded inserts as standard for the checkout dividers, however if you would like to discuss the possibility of custom dividers, please contact us directly and we’ll help you find a suitable solution.
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