Our Coin Counters and Coin Sorters make it incredibly easy to handle coins of different currencies. With speeds from 220 to 500 coins per minute, these units can count through coins incredibly quickly to save time and money, making them very convenient tools to use. Euros, Pound Sterling coins and Swiss Rappen are the currencies that our units can currently count. Then the counted coins are sorted precisely into separated compartments. Reduce the risk of error and save valuable time today.
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Coin Counters - Important Tools for Billing

These devices are designed to support users in counting and sorting loose change. Whilst banknote counters check and count banknotes, our coin counters count through all of your loose change. Using a coin counter not only cuts the risk of error significantly, it also organises and separates money for the convenience of the user.

As a small portable unit, our coin counters can easily be used in everyday working situations. It can effortlessly count through and organise coins. Any mistakes made by human error will greatly increase waiting time, so this product ensures this will not happen to you. The coin counter provides safe and reliable counting in the shortest possible time.

Example of Using a Coin Counter

Imagine this hypothetical scenario – your organisation is running a large event in your city and you are responsible for the finances of the event; you will need to count all the earnings from the event. This will have to be done after the event, it’s late and you’ve got work early in the morning.

In a few minutes from starting a coin counting machine, you will have the total income of your day calculated without errors. It will divide your coins into separate compartments which can be filtered through as needed. Take the risk and stress out of counting earnings with our specialised equipment.

Using our banknote and coin counting machines will make this work significantly simpler, with you only needing to write down the total amounts. It saves businesses time, money and effort, which can all be redirected back into the business. Additionally, thermal printers can also record the individual counting steps for you.
Safescan 1250 Coin Counting/Sorter

Create Coin Rolls With a Coin Sorter

The counting and sorting of coins resulst in neatly sorted individual coin types within a very short time. Tubes that catch the coins directly and stack them makes it easy to move and store.

This eliminates manual effort for you again, which costs you unnecessary time. Our Safescan 1250 Coin Counter is used for various currencies coins and also includes the practical tubes for stacking coins.

When the coin tube is full, the device stops so that you can remove the coins. You can also set precise amounts for bundling coins.

How Does the Coin Sorter and Counter Work?

The devices in our range have both counting and sorting functions. These functions are based on the fact that each coin has its own thickness and diameter. On this basis, the individual types of coins are sorted into the various containers.

Sensors and a rotation system are used during sorting so that the individual coins are correctly placed. This is how the precise division of various coins takes place within the device. As the coins go through this process, the individual coins are counted with the help of the units’ sensors.

A dual system with sensors checks the physical and optical properties of the coins. This is how the individual coins that land in the respective collecting container are counted. The number is shown simultaneously on the easy-to-read LED display.

Intuitive LED Display

When counting coins, you will always have an overview of the current values thanks to our easy-to-read LED display. The current value of your income is shown here in large, clearly visible digits. With the help of a practical receipt printer, you can record individual values accurately.

The intuitive user interface for the device is located in the immediate vicinity of the display. You can use the various buttons to stop and start the device or set the desired bundling. In this way, the device can be precisely adapted to your requirements for value counting and your billing.

Money Counter for Coins of Different Currencies

Unlike to banknote counting machines, the coin counters do not recognise the different currencies independently. This means you cannot use a device for several currencies at the same time. There are various models for Swiss cents, English pence or Euro coins available in our shop.

Do you come into contact with different currencies in your day-to-day work? Do you want to check the value of coins from different countries? A Money Scale can alternatively be used flexibly for different currencies.

Money Scales: Count Coins Silently by Weight

A Money Scale determines the value and the number of banknotes and coins via their respective weight. Firstly, the user defines the type of coins or banknotes beforehand and then enter the income on the scales. This will leave the user with the number and value of the money. This type of value counting can be used for all different currencies. In the case of the introduction of new banknotes, free updates bring your system up to date.

In this way, it can be used long-term. Additionally, due to its size, it is mobile and can be used in various countries. The optional rechargeable battery option enables users to count money on the go. Also, the process of count via this machine is almost silent. Take a further look at the Money Scales in our online shop now!
Money Scale

Make the Decision for Which Counter is Best for Your Business

Coin counters make it easier to count and sort coins in day-to-day situations. Thanks to its high capacity and special speed, your coins are counted and sorted within a short space of time. Make billing easier, faster and simpler with the help of coin counters. New coin rolls can also be made quickly and easily with this device.

Our coin counters can be used long-term in the checkout area or, thanks to their compact size, in various other locations, as they are easy to transport. Choose the right coin counter for your currency and the desired hopper capacity. We would be happy to advise you on the various functions of the Safescan coin counters – enquire with us today!
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