Rotating or carousel leaflet stand for countertop displays are ideal for holding multiple leaflets on a table or desk top. The customer can spin the brochure stand and can easily pick the leaflet or information out that they need to take away. If our range of countertop rotating leaflet dispensers is not quite what you're after, then check out our complete range of leaflet holders and we guarantee you will find what you're after. If you have any questions or need advice then please call our experienced sales team and they will be more than happy to help.

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Counter Top Rotating Leaflet Holders

Where would a rotating leaflet stand be best used?

Rotating leaflet stands can be used just about anywhere, but you’re more likely to find them situated on reception countertops and at exhibitions and the likes. With these models, ensure that the rotating brochure dispenser is placed on a countertop and within easy reach for everyone, increasing the likelihood of an individual taking a leaflet.

What are the benefits of using a rotating leaflet holder?

One of the great things about rotating leaflet holders is that they offer access to your leaflets from 360°; visitors can easily rotate the leaflet holder, giving them access to leaflets placed towards to back of the dispenser. This is also a great option to display leaflets if you have guests coming in at all different directions, as it allows at least one leaflet to be on display at all times to them. Additionally, the number of leaflets you can display in a rotating leaflet holder is fairly large considering the smaller size of the product.

How many leaflets can I display at one time?

The number of leaflets you can display at one time depends solely upon the product you choose. The Counter Top Leaflet Holder “Carousel” comes in a 4-sided variant and a 3-sided variant, allowing you to display that number of different leaflets at once. Whereas the double tiered Leaflet Counter Display "Dreha" is able to hold up to 8 A4 or A5 leaflets or 16 1/3 A4 (DL) leaflets.

What size leaflet can I display?

All rotating leaflet stands are available in different sizes, which are suitable for A4, A5 or 1/3 A4 (DL) leaflets. These leaflet holders are for portrait leaflets only.

What materials are your rotating leaflet holders made of?

Our 3 and 4-sided rotating leaflet holders are all made from crystal clear polystyrene, whereas the “Dreha” Leaflet Counter Display is manufactured from both steel and plastic.

Do you offer a freestanding rotating leaflet stand?

Yes, we have a selection of these floor standing brochure displays. Please check out our full range of Rotating Leaflet Stands!

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