With the right display cases and noticeboards, you can effectively promote your offers using our POS products. Our range includes display cases with lighting as well as weatherproof versions to position outside buildings. Display cases can have many different purposes: Use as a noticeboard, display menus for your restaurant or just to showcase posters. 
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Where can you use showcases?

Display your shop opening times in outdoor weather-resistant showcases to easily inform customers. Entice your customers into your restaurant by clearly displaying your menus. In office spaces use the showcase displays to display multiple notices or to use in presentations to help present statistics or ideas. All of our Display Cases and Noticeboards have a stable construction and allow quick opening and closing of the lockable versions.

The Perfect Area For The Display Of Information And Offers

Here at VKF Renzel, we can provide you with many different models. Choose which you would find most suitable to meet your display needs. Find out what different designs, versions and formats we offer you.
Are you looking for a classic showcase for your outdoor advertising, a display case to hang up or a display case with feet? Or should it be an illuminated showcase for the outside area with LED lighting? On our website, you will find a wide variety of models, sizes and designs. We offer showcases that can be integrated into many environments.

Our Recommendations

All of our outdoor showcases are weatherproof, ideally, these displays are used in restaurants and public places such as Bus Stops. To avoid the possibility of your displays becoming damaged, we offer many display cases that are lockable to ensure security.
Additional lighting is also recommended for locations such as restaurants so that during the dark evening hours customers are still able to read the information presented in the display case. We recommend the use of ESG safety glass (Tempered Glass), this way you can be sure that your information stays in place and the showcase lasts a long time. Flame-resistant showcases according to fire protection class B1 are suitable for indoor use. Companies as well as hotels, public institutions and restaurants use this type.
Menu Display Case

A Cheap Option

The “SX” showcase is our lowest costing display case. The case offers the insert size range 1 x DIN A4 to 12 x DIN A4. The back wall is magnetic or provided with cork for pinning information.

Our top-selling noticeboard display case is the "Economy" showcase. This is weatherproof and can be available with lighting. The insert sizing is up to 27 x A4. The front window has ESG safety glass and is offered at a reasonable price-performance ratio.

Our showcases are especially effective for displaying products. These products can also be found in many shopfitting environments such as changing rooms. They are the perfect way to flaunt your message. By publishing information, you will attract the attention of visitors, customers and potential new prospects.

To do this, choose from our wide range of online offers. Decide on the presentation box that best suits you and your company.
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