The fire safety signs on offer contains important information about the potential threat or correct procedure in the event of a fire. These signs are required within business premises so that individuals can easily pinpoint fire alarms, fire extingushers, fire escapes etc. in the case of an emergency. We offer fire safety signs in accordance with applicable standards. It is important to not only ensure the proper signage is visible in businesses open to the public, but also within office and warehouse environments, for the safety of yourself and employees. Additionally, various plate sizes are available.
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Fire Safety Signs - in Accordance with the Safety Rules

Each safety sign contains a photoluminescent coating that ensures maximum visibility of the sign. Health and safety rules require the maintenance of certain standard in the field of building equipment. Fire safety signs at VKF Renzel will help to precisely mark the premises of a shop, public instituion or office, to name a few. Each board is designed in accordance with applicable regulations.
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