The use of prohibition signs is necessary to protect employees and business partners. In companies or public institutions, the sign assists in preventing accidents or damage. Our signs guarantee the DIN EN ISO 7010 standard. Choose one of the shown signs or have the prohibition sign printed according to your specifications.
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Prohibition signs: Identification in your company

Prohibition signs are indispensable information signs which are used for the safety and protection of employees in your company. It is known as a red circle with an image of the prohibited action. In addition, we can procure any desired variant of the prohibition signs at short notice.

Prohibition signs show the viewer important information at a glance. It is imperative for employees/visitors to refrain from these behaviours so that certain consequences or even accidents can be avoided. After all, these signs are used as hazard warnings on machines as well as for controlling passageways. Whether it’s “smoking prohibited”, “unauthorized personnel prohibited” or a completely different message. For the safety in your company, prohibition signs are the ultimate safety measures.


Mandatory signs according to the standard

Use mandatory signs to encourage specific actions. Usually these are recommendations to avoid accidents. A white pictogram represents the request on a blue area.

Prohibition sign according to standard

They communicate the indication of the omission of an action. The clear red circle with a crossbar makes the signs recognizable from afar. The action is represented by a black, characteristic pictogram.

Warning signs according to standard

A warning sign indicates potential dangers or obstacles. The triangular license plates are designed in black and yellow. A pictogram in the middle ensures that the potential danger is clearly identified.

Prohibition signs made of various materials - For Indoor and Outdoor use

Their distinctive features are on a white background and it has a thick red border. They are useful to display on walls, stairwells, machines and many other places in companies and public buildings. This ensures that no one can overlook prohibition signs. The general prohibition signs in our shop are not only available in different sizes, but also in different materials. Whether embossed in aluminium or as a self-adhesive film. These signs are sitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Show employees, customers or passers-by which behaviour is to be avoided in order to avoid danger. This will reduce the risk of accidents or (personal) damage. If you have any questions about individual items, we would be happy to help and advise you.
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