Our illuminated LED textile stretching frame "Lumos" impresses with its excellent colour brilliance. As an LED frame or LED textile frame, it is commonly used at trade fairs, in shop windows or in various sales areas. The frame is not only available as a wall mounted or freestanding display, but can also be produced to individual sizes in some cases.
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Textile Frame Illuminated with LED Modules

Textile stretching frames continue to be a popular means of sales promotion to display an array of advertisements to customers and those passing by. A distinction is made between the frames according to lighting, dimensions and the area of application. Stretch frames are incredibly easy to assemble, which also means that they can be used in both a stationary and mobile sense.

Compared to conventional textile stretching frames, the LED stretch frames "Lumos" have a frame that is illuminated with LEDs. They have edge radiation technology and are suitable only for use indoors. As a robust standing version or hanging wall display, they can be used within various spaces - so there's certain to be a solution for your specific needs.

Similarly to the non-illuminated stretch frames, the LED stretch frames also consist of an aluminium base. This is covered with a fabric banner and fastened with piping. Piping strings then ensure that the banners are fastened quickly, tightly and securely at all times. Additionally, a quick banner change is also guaranteed with the "Lumos" frames, providing you the option to easily and quickly switch banners over as and when you want to.

In addition, the frames have high-quality LED lighting. This ensures equal illumination of the advertising banners on one or two sides. These frames are able to effectively radiate vibrant colours from them, so they're an excellent choice to show off your advertising. With the "Lumos" LED light wall, you can also advertise around the clock!

Interchangeable Banners

Quick & easy change of banners

100% Recyclable Frame

Frame can be recycled as old goods

Any Size Possible

Production according to your desired dimensions

Compact Packed

Quality transportation of items provided


LED Clamping Frame for the Wall


LED Textile Frame

Freestanding or Wall Mounted LED Frame

Do you want to draw the attention of exhibition attendees to your stand from afar? Do you want your shop window to stand out in a positive way from competitors? Or are you looking for an eye-catching advertising solution to use within your premises… that could also serve as a pleasant light source? The illuminated stretch frames will certainly impress with their effectiveness within all the areas mentioned & more!

The wall display can be attached to either a wall or the ceiling, allowing you to display whatever content you wish on a single side. Then attach the LED clamping frame at the desired height and display your content at your ideal viewing height.

The “Lumos” wall frame is available in various formats and has a back wall illuminated with LEDs. The right banner for the display, as well as a dimmer are available upon request.
While the frame has rear wall lighting, the freestanding illuminated walls have edge illumination. This technology ensures that your advertising banners are illuminated equally on both sides. You have the choice between our LED clamping frame with 100 or 200mm profile.

Regardless of the profile depth, the illuminated textile frame is available in a few different dimensions. From smaller formats to large-area illuminated advertising, the “Lumos” model offers many great solutions when it comes to installing to correct LED frame for your exact purpose. Two vertically mounted feet ensure the necessary stability, however the profile depth of 200mm can also provide additional stability too.

Do you want to place your advertising on the wall or somewhere else within the room? Which size is the right size for your advertising banner? Take a look through our various illuminated textile frames & find the perfect for you today!

Technology of the LED Frame

LED on Dibond®

This technology illuminates the LED stretch frame from the rear. We mount the LED modules on a solid Alu-Dibond® plate in order to create equally spread illumination throughout to ensure the perfect distribution of light.

Suitable for single-sided frames up to 2000mm wide and 1000mm high.

In view of the relatively small sizes, which means that the frames can be shipped in one pieces, you can opt for “LED on Dibond®”. The high light output is an advantage with this technology.

Technology of the LED Displays

Edge Light Technology

With this technology, the LED textile frame is evenly illuminated by LED modules mounted on the side of the profile. By using a blockout cloth as a reflective back wall, an optimal light distribution is created even with one-sided use. The modular construction allows for packaging to remain compact.

Suitable for double-sided frames up to 3000mm high and 2000mm wide.

With larger frames, the “Edge-Light” technology always achieves a great result. The wider the profiles, the better the light distribution ends up being. With narrower profiles, there is a risk of shadows being formed, therefore the “LED on Stabiliser” is an optimal solution.


LED on Stabiliser

With this technology, we mount the LED modules on fixed cross braces made of aluminium. In addition to uniform illumination, this ensures additional stability of the LED stretch frame. The frames can be easily built up and the LED modules are also pre-assembled.

Suitable for double-sided frames up to 3000mm high; the width is almost limitless. Thanks to the modular construction, the frames can be packed compactly.

In the case of extremely large frames, the "Edge-Light" technique listed above is not the best solution. Here the "LED on Stabiliser" technology should be chosen. It always achieves an even light distribution with high output for a nicely illuminated end result.

Advertise with LED Textile Frames

Within our selection, you will find he matching LED tensioning frames, optionally even with a banner. The vibrant, evenly spread and high-quality lighting attracts the necessary attention to your advertising. Advertising content on the banners is perfectly places and presented in a way that attracts maximum attention.

Opt for an illuminated LED textile frame to help garner more attention at trade fairs, exhibitions & even at the point of sale. Take a look through our high-quality and elegant "Lumos" frame & feel free to contact our friendly sales team should you have an queries.

Stand out from the crowd with illuminated advertising!
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