Partition walls can be used in many ways to divide rooms, create privacy or present notices. Due to different designs and equipment, the articles find their place in different offices and companies. By placing such a partition, you can create a pleasant atmosphere in every room. This is created through the design aspect, noise reduction and additional privacy.
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Placing Easily and Efficiently

The room dividers and screens convince with their simplicity in assembly and use. Most of our articles only require a short display. Examples of this are threading a textile banner or placing the wall on a stand. After that, the article is completely usable and can be placed or decorated as desired.

Despite their high stability, the stands remain mobile. Feet or lockable castors ensure that the partition walls stand firmly. The lightness of the partition walls and their quick assembly ensure special mobility. With an article that is equipped with castors, you are of course even more free to move the wall.

What is the purpose of high mobility of the partition walls? The walls define rooms and create new areas. With the help of a mobile room divider, you have the option of dividing it up again and again. In this way, it is possible to react to special events and special situations in the shortest possible time. The movement of the wall is a great advantage, especially with a permanently used partition. A wall that is not used for a long time but is used again and again should be easy to stow away. The classic partitions in our range are particularly suitable for space-saving storage.

Benefits for your company

In addition to being easy to use, a partition has many other advantages for your company. No matter where the wall is used, you can benefit from the following properties.




Privacy is an important asset in a wide variety of sectors. A partition wall guarantees more privacy by separating areas. The separation provides a certain privacy screen and the noise level can also be contained to a certain extent. Workplaces in offices can be made attractive or areas in a restaurant can be separated from one another.
Large rooms usually convey a feeling of discomfort or simply of little intimacy. The structuring of these surfaces therefore works wonders in terms of the perception of the space. A completely different atmosphere can be created from an uncomfortable place without a feel-good factor by dividing the area and creating several areas. An atmosphere in which people like to work productively and in which visitors and guests enjoy spending time.
Putting up a wall always brings with it a new free area. This area can be used effectively for the presentation of your company. On the one hand, the area can be used to present your mission statement, your products or your company. The various items with stretch frames are suitable for this. On the other hand, the presentation and exhibition of notices and information can take place optimally on the partition.

Diverse products

Our online range for partition walls conceals many different options for designing rooms. The category includes partitions, stretch frames or paravents. When choosing your partition, you should pay attention to various aspects.

To what extent do you want to use the mobility of the partition? Mobile articles provide great possibilities for the constant adaptation of the furnishing but also bring a high degree of flexibility.

A partition with castors offers you the greatest possible mobility. The"Muroa" partition is magnetic and can therefore be used optimally as a presentation for further education, training courses or workshops. There is a choice between a perforated wall or a whiteboard surface.

How much privacy should the wall offer? Partition walls are available in different heights. Some walls only offer privacy protection from the middle of the wall. However, anyone who opts for full protection is well advised to use the “Multi” partition. The partition wall offers the possibility of using different panel materials with the dimensions of 800 x 2000 mm per element. The panels are pushed in from the side and should not be more than 4.5 mm thick.

Should the wall be used as a surface for notices? If so, what surface do you need for this? Depending on the posting, different wall materials are better or worse. A felt wall, a magnetic wall or a specimen made of felt are suitable for attaching objects quickly. If the surface is to be writable at the same time, a whiteboard surface is required.

The double-sided partition wall set provides most of the design options. While the front remains writable, the back of the wall can be equipped. The wall is fitted with magnets on a metal back wall or with pins on a mineral fiber board. The choice of material is yours.

More options for room, office or business

The partition walls are a great way to increase the value of a room and benefit from a better atmosphere. The newly created space can be optimized even further with consistent lighting. By setting up a light wall, a high quality presentation is achieved with even LED lighting. At the same time, a light source is created for the room.

Are you looking for a partition for your next seminar? The various walls provide a large area for notices, information material, index cards and much more. Interactive methods can be implemented ideally with the help of a whiteboard, a pinboard or a flipchart.

The various boards are also suitable for internal information in companies in order to reach as many employees as possible. You can find these articles and many more in our suggestions for your business equipment. We are always available for questions or suggestions. You can find many more ideas for your business equipment in our online shop. We are always available for questions or suggestions.
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