Slatwall shelving systems are frequently used within many retail settings to create a unique design for your shop fitting. With attractive accessories, you can turn your slatwall into a central eye-catcher. By simply hooking the various accessories on, the wall can be equipped according to your exact wishes. Browse through our selection of items to find the perfect additions you can add to create an effective and eye-catching slatwall display.
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Slatwall Product Displays - Flexibly Design Sales Areas

With the help of various slatwall product display accessories, your slatwall can be freely designed according to your specific wishes. By equipping the wall with different tools, you can adapt the slatwall to your products and services. Ultimately, a tailor-made shop fitting is essentially created; one that can quickly and easily be adapted over and over again.

You have the choice between multiple choices when it comes to the different models and products you wish to use on your respective wall panels. Do you want to present goods, or maybe issue leaflets? The large selection of equipment available for slatwalls makes it possible to use them for a wide variety of applications.

The slat walls are traditionally used as a shop fitting system in pharmacies or retail stores, however the possibilities are endless and the practical displays can also be used for trade fair and event equipment too. The set up for exhibition stands can be sped up with the use of these displays and their accessories, plus, this can be redesigned again and again, at no additional cost. In this way, the walls and accessories can become part of your long-term exhibition equipment.

At these locations, the slat wall displays can be used for product presentations or for advertising and providing information. This shelving system can also be ideally used in-house. Simply attach your tools and equipment securely to the slatted wall which can be adapted exactly to your area of application. Then use our product carriers to attach your equipment safely, practically and in the immediate vicinity of the workplace.

Equipment can be easily adjusted at any time

Shop fittings & the presentation of goods made to measure

Attractive product, price & poster presentation

Utilise Accessories on Your Slatwall

Slatwalls are continuously popular elements within the realm of shop fitting. Unused floor or wall space can now be effectively used for various purposes thanks to the versatile displays now readily available. At the same time, the accessories available (shelves, brackets and boxes to name a few) present your products and offers in an appealing way and immediatly attract the attention of customers, especially at the point of sale.

The FlexiSlot® system is based on a coloured profile with grooves. The individual profiles are then put together to form the entire slatwall walls and product displays. Product holders/carriers, such as hooks, shelves or brochure holders can then be hung in the grooves in the wall. The simple attachment ensures that the design can be flexibly adapted and changed at any point.

While the slat wall profile only contains the plastic slats, a tile is then an extension of it. Here the coloured profile is framed by a filigree aluminium profile. This gives the display a classy touch. A black wall made of wood provides additional stability. Countless different models of the FlexiSlot® system have been created on this basis. You have the choice between different floor displays, mobile solutions or wall elements. Discover the right display for your point of sale (POS).

A Uniquely Designed Slatwall Display

After selecting your desired slat wall, it's time to equip it with attractive accessories. If you purchase a complete solution e.g. a display already including accessories, then you'll evidentally be spared of this step. Otherwise, you now have the opportunity to put together the necessary items for your own custom slatwall yourself.

You can purchase various accessories directly with the slat wall itself or alternatively expand the tools featured on the wall at a later date. By investing in multiple different items for the product display, you have a wider range of options when it comes to creating unique and eye-catching displays over time. The more accessories you have, the more freely and diversly your shop fitting can be designed.

In the course of time, various manufacturers have established themselves in the slat wall market. The nature and depth of the profile therefore depends very much on the specific manufacturer. As a rule, the vast majority of accessories can be used with the slatwalls of various brands. If you do have any more specific questions however, we will be more than happy to advise you. Together we can determine the suitability of your slatwall with our high-quality slatwall accessories.

Our various items available are optimally adapted to the nature of our own FlexiSlot® slat wall. This is our in-house production of a slat wall. Take a further look at the FlexiSlot® profile. Whilst perfectly adapted to our FlexiSlot® wall, find out more about the compatibility of your panel wall with our complementary articles for design of your shop fittings.

Exactly the Right Accessories for Your Slatwall

A large selection of accessories are available for the design of your slat wall. The various supports can easily be hooked into the profile of the slatwall. The special construction of the slats ensures a safe and secure hold. With the wide range of accessories available to you, you can create the specific display you want, exactly when you want it.

As seen above, we offer an expansive range of slatwall accessories, from hooks and product shelves to display boxes and leaflet holders. Choose the right product that perfectly highlights your articles to your customers.

Typically, most people resort to fitting the goods to the display with hooks; they're easy to place into the grooves and the goods can be clearly displayed to each individual. Depending on your needs and the size of goods in question, you can get the slat wall hooks in different designs. You can choose between various lengths, single or double hooks and models with a pendulum pocket. The hooks are also available in either metal or plastic. These are perfect for quickly displaying products on your wall.

Whilst the hooks can be used for many different items, there are also product specific accessories. Glasses holders, ball holders and shoe racks are just a few examples of the products on offer manufactured to display a particular type of product. They embody all of the important components needed to present these goods in the most appealing way.

Everything Needed to Equip a Slatwall

You can already see that the use of slatwalls extends across an expansive across a plethora of industries. With a clothing bar or suspension arm, you are well equipped for displaying products within a fashion store, whilst transparent boxes, wire boxes or wooden shelves can in turn be used for various purposes within a multitude of businesses. An appealing poster or brochure display can certainly complement your shop design. You could also place these close to a particular product at a trade fair or exhibition too.

How do you want to use your slatwall? Discover the right items for your own project within our range. The high-quality accessories for slat walls represent long-term and useful tools for the flexible design of your shop fitting.

Find out more about the suitability of the product carriers for your own slat walls today - we're more than happy to help!
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