Our LED floodlights can be used in a variety of ways, both outside or inside. LED floodlights in the outdoor area help to illuminate facades or signs. Indoor LED spotlights illuminate trade fairs or showcases with high quality lighting. This will really help make you display/exhibition stand standout!
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Floodlights with LED lighting

Spotlights with LED floodlights are used to effectively to illuminate specified areas. This ensures good visibility at all times in desired locations. You can choose between different LED spotlights and LED floodlights which have different levels of power consumption.

In our range you will find spotlights with 30W or 50W up to floodlights with 150W power consumption. Benefit from the special promotional effect you get from LED Lighting. Illuminate certain areas professionally to provide security and orientation even in the dark. Discover the right LED spotlight for your application now.

Easy to assemble

With bracket, stand bracket or traverse attachment

Versatile in use

For trade fairs, parking lots, company signs, displays and more

LED lighting

Energy-efficient and effective lighting

LED floodlight with motion detector

Thanks to the energy-saving effect, you benefit from the modern LED technology of spotlights. In addition, a motion detector can help to further reduce the consumption of electricity. It ensures that the spotlight will only come on when movement can be detected at the place of use.

The detectors are particularly popular outdoors. They help to provide orientation for visitors, customers or patients. In the parking lot, for example, you can help to find the car quickly. It is also a good idea to work with a motion detector at your businesses entrance.


Imagine you have a late appointment with the doctor. You have just come back from work, it's winter and of course it's already dark outside. When you get to the doctor, only the street lamps give you some light to see the practice sign. Before going to the practice, you find out that there is no lighting there.

Finding the doorbell and recognizing the door plate is only possible with a mobile phone flashlight. After the doctor's visit, return to the parking lot. It is now dark and you will have difficulty finding their way home. Wasn't there a step here somewhere?

LED spotlight with twilight sensors

In addition to being equipped with motion detectors, we also offer twilight sensors which has several advantages for you as the operator. An LED spotlight with its sensor system will detect movement and switch itself on/off automatically. The maintenance-free spotlight XLED Fl 50/100 serves as an LED surface spotlight with an integrated night-mode function.

The LED light switches on automatically at dusk and stages the object to be illuminated with 3,500 Kelvin. The LED floodlight with protection class IP 44 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Choose the floodlight for your LED lighting. With a recommended installation distance of 1.5 mm, a total of 16 spotlights can be networked via cables.

Sales promotion with LED floodlights

Combine the individual spotlights to form entire lighting systems to light vast open spaces. With individual display lights you can achieve the desired advertising effect in a shopfitting. Requirements may vary depending on the location and purpose. Our LED spotlights can be used in a variety of ways, for various purposes. The universal LED floodlights can usually be easily implemented into a workspace.

In the area of sales promotion in particular, there is great potential with LED floodlights. With the LED lighting you put your advertising/products/business in the right light. That means better perception and more attention for your products. Various products and displays can be illuminated thanks to the versatile mounting options.

Opt in for our LED spotlights and LED floodlights to get more visibility. Choose the right lighting system for your area of application. We would be happy to help you choose the right LED floodlight. Feel free to contact our team today.
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