Below you’ll find our full range of wall mounted flip displays. Display a range of posters or other relevant documents in these flip files at one time; perfect for use within retail stores, estate agents, schools, universities and more! Opt from an array of sizes and colours and create your perfect display today!

If you have any additional queries regarding our wall mounted flip displays, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

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Wall Mounted Flip Files - Available from VKF Renzel UK

What is displayed in a flip file?
There’s no limit to what can really be displayed in our range of flip files. Some may find it useful to showcase posters, whilst others may opt to display important information and documents to individuals. Alternatively, they could potentially be used to hold small products for sale, as shown with the Wall Mounted Flip Display “Multi TO BIG”. Flip displays are found just about anywhere, from retail stores to estate agents to art and educational facilities, and are beneficial as they can display a lot of content at once, considering the minimal amount of space they take up.

How do I fix my flip display to the wall?
Typically, wall mounted flip displays will come with a wall bracket on the spine of the file. To fix this, you would then need to screw the bracket to the wall. However, each fixing may slightly differ from one another, and we also offer a Magnetic Wall Unit if that’s more suitable too.

What colour flip files do you have?
We have a wide selection of flip files in varying materials and colours. Opt for a sleek black or silver flip file; perfect for use within a professional environment. In addition, we also stock an expansive range of coloured displays, including blue, yellow and red displays. Flip displays with an assortment of coloured frames are also available.

What size insert can I display in these document files?
These flip file displays will as standard hold most common DIN sizes, including A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5, however varying poster sizes are also available within some versions.

How many inserts do these poster flip displays hold at one time?
The number of inserts that each flip file will hold will vary from model to model. If you’ve a large number of posters to display, the Wall Mounted Flip File “Quickload” is a great option, as you can display up to 50 inserts at once. Additional pockets can also be purchased for their corresponding flip files, to either replace or add more content to the display; these include the Flip Display Pockets "Technic" and Flip Display “Quickload”.

How are my posters inserted?
Depending upon the poster pockets selected, posters are generally inserted either from the top of the frame or pocket, or from the side. The great thing will these poster flip files is that it is incredibly easy to both insert and remove any posters from the display.

Do you offer countertop or freestanding flip displays?
Yes, in addition to our wall mounted flip displays, we also stock a wide range of both Desktop Poster Flip Displays and Free Standing Flip Files, so we’re guaranteed to have something perfectly suited for your exact needs.
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