Waterproof Poster Pocket

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  • waterproof poster pocket
  • A0 - A6
  • ideal for outdoor use
  • can be produced in special formats
  • printing on request
  • extensive fastening possibilities
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The waterproof poster pocket optimally protects your price and information labels in A0 to A6 format against moisture, dampness and dirt. It is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use and for sales areas with high humidity. Therefore, it is used in garden centres, in the building materials trade or on roofed open spaces.

When advertising with print media such as posters or billboards, a high-quality and at the same time protective presentation is essential. The respective presentation should not be disadvantaged by the cover, while the content remains protected.

The material PVC provides the necessary transparency of the poster pocket. The crystal-clear plastic presents the contents in a high-quality manner and ensures optimal legibility and perception. At the same time, the PVC acts as protection against external influences. Thus, the posters and billboards remain in good condition for a long time and can be used again and again.

The exchange and replacement of advertising content is quick and easy. The poster insertion is done via the underside and is completely closed by means of a grip closure. Therefore the moisture stays outside and the insert remains dry. The poster cover can be used again and again. Simply pull it on, insert the poster and snap it back into place.

The poster holder not only holds inserts in the various formats, but also documents with different orientations. Both landscape and portrait formats are available in sizes A6 to A0. The 2 drill holes are always located on the top of the pocket for the different orientations.
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Variants Insert size Orientation Item number Item No. Price
A0 portrait A0
26.0007.1 £ 32.82 view Article »
A0 landscape A0
26.0007.2 £ 32.82 view Article »
A1 portrait A1
26.0007.3 £ 12.49 view Article »
A1 landscape A1
26.0007.4 £ 12.49 view Article »
A2 portrait A2
26.0007.5 £ 6.68 view Article »
A2 landscape A2
26.0007.6 £ 6.68 view Article »
A3 portrait A3
26.0007.7 £ 4.83 view Article »
A3 landscape A3
26.0007.8 £ 4.83 view Article »
A4 portrait A4
26.0007.9 £ 3.10 view Article »
A4 landscape A4
26.0007.10 £ 3.10 view Article »
A5 portrait A5
26.0007.11 £ 4.55 view Article »
A5 landscape A5
26.0007.12 £ 4.55 view Article »
A6 portrait A6
26.0007.13 £ 3.29 view Article »
A6 landscape A6
26.0007.14 £ 3.29 view Article »
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