"GLS" Shelf Edge Strip

Item number: 20.0115.9
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  • Shelf edge strip for glass shelving 5-10 mm thick
  • Insertion heights: 26 mm, 30 mm, 39 mm and 52 mm
  • Available in transparent and white
  • Easy handling by simply plugging in
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The price profile "GLS" is designed for glass shelves and is particularly easy to handle. Due to the design of the profile, the price rail easily slides onto the shelf and is suitable for glass and wooden shelves with a thickness of 5-10 mm.
Residue-free and quick removal is possible at any time without difficulty.

We deliver the shelf edge profile "GLS" in white or transparent with transparent front side. We also offer you a choice of different insertion heights. Depending on the size of your shelf labels, you decide on the suitable version of this price profile. Adapt them to your shelf system.

We deliver the desired length according to your specifications.
The indicated price is per meter.


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Variants Insert height Colour Item number Item No. Price
26 mm transparent 26 mm
20.0115.9 £ 3.11 view Article »
26 mm white 26 mm
20.0115.27 £ 3.11 view Article »
30 mm transparent 30 mm
20.0117.7 £ 2.31 view Article »
30 mm white 30 mm
20.0117.24 £ 2.31 view Article »
39 mm transparent 39 mm
20.0116.39 £ 1.60 view Article »
39 mm white 39 mm
20.0116.32 £ 3.52 view Article »
52 mm transparent 52 mm
20.0257.3 £ 3.40 view Article »
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