Freestanding Single Sided Acrylic Poster Holder

Item number: 60.0010.8
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  • Slight tilt
  • For the presentation of product and price information
  • Acrylic, crystal clear
  • A3-A9 + DL (1/3 A4)
  • Own production
  • Special formats possible from 50 pieces
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Freestanding Single Sided Acrylic Poster Holder

Our sleek and modern single sided acrylic poster holder, the perfect solution to showcase your prints, advertisements, or promotional materials in style. Crafted from high-quality, crystal-clear acrylic, this holder offers a crystal-clear view of your poster, allowing your message to shine through with clarity and impact.

The single-sided design ensures that your poster remains the focal point, while the sturdy acrylic material provides both durability and a clean, contemporary aesthetic. With its minimalist frameless design, this countertop lean back sign holder seamlessly blends into any environment, making it a versatile choice for retail spaces, offices, trade shows, galleries, and more.

Designed for easy insertion and removal of your poster, by simply pushing the paper insert between the double-sided acrylic pane, our single sided sign combines form and function effortlessly. Its lightweight yet robust construction ensures stability while being easy to transport and set up. Whether you're promoting a sale, displaying important information, or showcasing artwork, this single sided angled poster holder is an elegant and effective choice.

Elevate your visual displays with this sophisticated acrylic holder and let your message take center stage. Invest in quality and make a lasting impression with our clear freestanding acrylic poster holder today.
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Product Description

What sizes are your single sided poster holders available in?

Our single sided poster holders are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. We offer them in A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, and A8 dimensions, providing options for various poster sizes. Additionally, both portrait and landscape orientations are available, allowing you to choose the orientation that best complements your display. Whether you're showcasing promotional materials, informational posters, or artwork, we have a poster holder size to fit your requirements perfectly.

What other options do you have for me to display my posters, signs and/or menus?

We offer a variety of options to help you display your posters effectively. In addition to single-sided poster holders, we have the following alternatives available:
  • Double-Sided Poster Holders: These holders provide visibility from both sides, allowing you to maximise your message's exposure. They are a great choice for high-traffic areas or locations where viewing from multiple angles is important.
  • Freestanding Sign Holders: Our freestanding sign holders offer a versatile solution for displaying posters in areas where wall mounting may not be feasible. These stands come in different styles, including adjustable height options, allowing you to customise the presentation to suit your specific needs.
  • Snap Frames: Snap frames provide a convenient and professional way to display posters. They feature a front-loading design that allows for quick and easy poster changes. The snap mechanism ensures a secure fit while maintaining a sleek and polished appearance.
Each of these options complements our single-sided acrylic poster holders, providing you with a range of choices to suit various display scenarios. Whether you're looking for versatility, double-sided visibility, or a stylish frame, we have the right solution to enhance your poster presentation. If you have any specific preferences or would like further information about any of these options, please don't hesitate to let us know! We're here to assist you in finding the perfect display solution for your needs.


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Variants Size Orientation Item number Item No. Price
A3 portrait A3
60.0010.1 £ 8.86 view Article »
A3 landscape A3
60.0010.2 £ 9.48 view Article »
A4 portrait A4
60.0010.3 £ 2.84 view Article »
A4 landscape A4
60.0010.4 £ 3.40 view Article »
A5 portrait A5
60.0010.5 £ 1.90 view Article »
A5 landscape A5
60.0010.6 £ 1.90 view Article »
A6 portrait A6
60.0010.7 £ 1.28 view Article »
A6 landscape A6
60.0010.8 £ 1.35 view Article »
A7 portrait A7
60.0010.9 £ 1.05 view Article »
A7 landscape A7
60.0010.10 £ 1.05 view Article »
A8 portrait A8
60.0010.13 £ 0.81 view Article »
A8 landscape A8
60.0010.14 £ 0.81 view Article »
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